Contemporary careers in Risk Management

At GRMI we will endeavor to develop a talented pool of professionals trained on a world class Risk Management curriculum, thus creating an ecosystem enabling all large corporates to hire trained risk managers. We aspirationally aim to place our students across the globe and in leading Risk Consulting firms and large Corporates in India to make GRMI an international and national talent-sourcing hub for budding risk managers. 

Why study at GRMI?

Credibility at GRMI is defined by the quality of leadership that is driving the entire Programme — a leadership that is driven by the passion and belief in giving back to the society that has helped them become iconic figures in their domain. GRMI, led by the Dean and ably supported by a distinguished Board of Directors and Strategy Board, an internationally-represented Board of Governors, and an impressive Academic Council aims to be a hallowed portal for creating future leaders for the country and the globe.