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Consumer is the king in today’s market. Since there are millions of kings, nobody is being taken seriously. Marketing campaigns,schemes and offers are designed to fool the target audience.Consumers are being shylocked by a new breed of companies.O…

Consumer is the king in today's market. Since there are millions of kings, nobody is being taken seriously. Marketing campaigns,schemes and offers are designed to fool the target audience.Consumers are being shylocked by a new breed of companies.Or they are screwed by some genuinely impotent public sector establishments.

Many public sector banks make you brim with gratitude when the cashier hands over that bundle of notes.(PSU cashiers need tea once every 15 mins and relieve themselves 5 times an hour-with increased frequency during the monsoons)

Then there are the New Generation Private Sector Banks that specialize in looting with the latest techno-social weapons.A large private sector bank with extremely coldblooded employees works tirelessly to make ur bank balance vanish into thin air.We should be grateful that they dont charge interest on our deposits.That is their level of honesty.
Bank executives chase poor people with home and vehicle loans.Once you are trapped, the overworked executives take a break and hand the baton over to gundas who are looking to diversify their careers.

Creditcards and add-ons with their labyrinthine dicta are eating into the income of people who dont need them.And of people who did not even apply for cards in many cases

200 bucks were recently deducted from my prepaid connection on a night when the phone was switched off. The uneducated executives (what exactly does the word mean today? ) had me believe that nothing could be wrong with their system. And I could not access any records because that requires prior permission from RAW and IB. My balance miraculously went up by 125 bucks that night. Not being scary enough perhaps explains the loss of 75Rs.

Banks,Insurance Cos.,Telecos.,Internet providers,Airlines,Tour operators,Retail outlets, Coaching Classes...everyone is looking for bakras.

We have diverse experiences.Some of them funny,others painful, depending on the amount in question.

This thread is dedicated to-

1.Seeking assistance in dealing with dishonest corporates and their crooked employees.

2.Demystifying their befuddling policies and schemes.

3.Sharing experiences -to release frustration and gain solace from the knowledge that others have been taken on similar rides.

Let us share our nightmares and be more careful in the future.

-Con sumed.

Well....Interesting post..Although I will actually come up with a weird experience of mine where I wasnt looted by my prepaid connection guys... As a matter of fact, I ended up looting them ( Well...what can I say..?? I am innocent..& never wanted to get benefits I aint paying for,....but who cares..???)

This was back in my college days when Airtel decided to change over from their free sms scheme to a 25 paise per sms scheme in early 2005...
However, they put in a scheme wherein by paying a monthly rental of Rs.,20, u get local sms free but the national, international & premium SMS still come at the same rates as existing.
The scheme looked good & so I sent them a text sms confirming that I am willing to pay a rental for free local sms...
2 days later I realized that nothing had yet been deducted from my balance....To check whether I had free sms...I forwarded stuff to all my friends in college & found that it was indeed free :)
But guess what..? It aint over here..In fact, this is just the beginning
I then went on to reply to a few of my friends by sending them national smses (STD)..& guess what..?? It came free too..!!!!
I continued sending smses but I never got deducted anything...I waited for 5 days at times expecting something to be deducted (Bear in mind, the monthly rental for free local sms itself had not been deducted yet)
& then..came the grand surprise...I started sending random SMMses to all the premium numbers (The kind u see along with TV advertisements) & chatted with my friends on yahoo messenger through sms...I even sent my relatives abroad some SMS....all of it came for free..!!!!! (A normal SMS for a premium service is Rs.3 each..!!!)

I enjoyed this until my mobile got stolen:neutral: After that I never got THAT kinda luxury with smses...

But that was one great spell of 11 months...applying for a rental scheme for free local sms....& getting ALL sms free without even being deducted any rental..!!!