[Confirmed] IIML Result Out!

Check result at http://www.iiml.ac.in/final.php Me did not get thru…

Check result at

Me did not get thru....

Finally got through to L after getting rejected by A and K.
Man, this feels good.
Waiting eagerly for C.
My profile:
B.E. Computer, 63%, Mumbai University
CAT percentile-99.85

ME IN TOO GUYZ... but wld be joinin iim-a... all the best to others

me dint get thru!
a,l,k...all hav rejected me...jaane kya hoga rama re....
waiting more anxiously than ever for B and C!!

Me too Innnn

hi there,

I was pretty confident of converting it but unfortunately didnt make it..

Anyways no regrets....I will be going to K...

All the very best for other instis..

Me also thru

but anyway iam also thru A :smile: ..
ATB to other guys ...

me in!

will be taking A, though..

but congrats to all who made it, and good luck for B, C, I!


me too innn guys .....


me in too .....

am feeling sooo damn releived ....after getting dumped by A and K

my profile
CAT - 99.45
VA- 95.xx QA - 99.xx and DI - 96.xx
BE (CSE ) - 89% ( univ topper)
work ex - 1.5 years in s/w

no call from L either

Hi ppl.

Me too innnn

CAT %ile :: 99.76
10th :: 85.8 CBSE
12th :: 85.4 CBSE
Grads :: 8.52 (IIIT-A)
GD :: Good
PI :: Average (or may be just above average)


Me outta da race, it seems...

"Sorry, Your Name is not in the IIML Selection list."
Does this mean curtains? Or do I keep hopes for Waitlist, as it mentions Selection list... any waitlisters here, plz confirm...

Congrats to all L converts!

Me too got it...
After the A debacle, was damn low on morale. Feeling lil better now.

Good luck for B C I results.

Got thru !!!
After the dissapointment of K , this comes as great news before the weekend. Kudos iim l
My profile
std 10 : 88%
std 12 : 91%
b.e. (comps) mumbai u : 67%
workex : 8 mths in s/w MNC
cat % : 99.63
QA : 96.06
VA : 99.48
DI : 97.44
very good extra currics
other calls : iim c,l,k got thru at iitb som

gd/pi : avg / avg .

me do not appear in the shortlisted candidates. GD was good, PI bad. 99.41 overall. hope there is a waitlist and i am there.
eagerly and optimistically awaiting IIMC results.
congrats to all those who have got an IIM call.

hoping for the best!

Hi ppl.

Me too innnn


:splat: Congrats dear.... :splat:

Now its C turn for u!!!


Congratulations to all those who have made it to IIML.

Ur just a month away from joining a truly great institute. Look forward to meeting you guys at the institute (although I probably will meet quite a few of you at the freshers party)

Incase someone hasnt guessed yet, Im currently studying at IIML
Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any queries about IIM Lucknow


I m OUT; now only hope left is I

Does anybody got result status as waitlisted ...if not...probably they might come out with waitlist later.......

can I still have miniscule hopes for L