[Confirmed] IIM Kozhikode Results!

http://www.iimk.ac.in/programs/catshrtlst.htm Another Setback…IAm off totake sanyas


Another Setback...IAm off totake sanyas

what's the link?


Am out

Heya guyz ... here is my inventory

IIFT on 27/02 0900 at Mumbai
IITD on 03/03 0900 at Delhi
FMS on 20/03 1100 at Delhi
IIMB on 22/03 0900 at Mumbai
IIMA on 28/03 0900 at Ahmedabad
IIMK on 10/04 1500 at Mumbai
IIMC on 11/04 1100 at Mumbai (ATM exam for PGDCM)
IIMC on 12/04 1400 at Mumbai (GD+PI for PGDM & PGDCM)
IIML ???

CAT Score/Attempts(approx)

VA 29/36
QA 21/29
DI 22/28
Net 72/93

wish me luck and good luck to all :)


PS : I am copy-pasting the same thing in all "Call Threads", so plz dont mind 😃

Hi All,

I am thru..So it makes BLACK till now


Got thru too.
BLACK till now.
Interview on March 29th.
Congrats to all who made thru.
Cheers. 😁

I am not able to find it anywhere. Please help

ya its BLACK for me too

Am Thru. Sorry that i did not see the link in the first post.

Got thru. That makes it BLACK....waiting for I

Date: Apr 18 9.00 am at Kozhikode.
Any one at the same time?


Bhai log please tell us ur scores alongside the good news of u getting thru re!
Vaise i dont think i have made it as it shows me an error, "The information does not match our records

And i guess its gr8 tht i didnt, else wud have been tortured b/w college exams and Interviews!! Geez! imagine 10th April interview and 12th ko exam...and 9th also exam!!!
Bach Gaye

Me too got a call from IIM-K. So the tally now is....

IIFT - march 9 delhi
FMS - march 18 delhi
IIM-B march 22 "
IIM-L .....no date yet
IIM -C april 7
IIM K april 2

hi guys,

BLACK 4 me too....april 15th ,9:00 am ,chennai

hi !
Congrats to all the guys/girls who have received interview calls from K.
Me, Ravi and Coldfusion are the PGites at K. We will post a short piece on all the necessary information you might need about K.
We would be glad to clarfiy any doubts you have and provide any more information you need.
Once again congrats and best of luck to all call getters !

me too

BLACK me too

Mine at 09.00 a.m. on "April 10, 2004"
"Institute of Hotel Mgt., Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition"
"Veer Sawarkar Marg, Dadar (W).....

Nyone on the slot ?

Btb i rem. this is the first IIM tht i had ever seen !!! they were in our college campus and i had looked at awe around their library...free HBR/ free economist/ free Wharton NL..and i was like Maan this is wht i wanna do in my life !!! Thank god things havent gone awry ..atleast so far so gud !!!


Suhas 😃

oops thatd ABCLK not I 😉

hi !

Boley toh apun bhi BLACK

rOnJAn BhaI mTEch