[Confirmed] IIM Calcutta Results Are Out

HEY THEY R OUT…ON THE WEB SITE… CHEERS SARMA Edited by pagalguy: URL : Admissions | IIM Calcutta


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Hello Sarma,
It'ld be helpful you can post the URL

Hi All,

Happy to announce that I've got a final admission call from IIMC 😃 All the Best to the others for their results.


hi all,
Got to know pretty late of this group. Anyways better late than never!!!
I got into PGDM Calcutta!!
Hey Bharat you the same guy from cisco, who gave me a lift from iim b after the indore interview??


Finally after getting rejected frm IIFT, XIMB & MDI..got selected in IIMC PGDCM.

All the best to u all

Cheers to Bharat ! Good on ya mate. There you go now to fulfil your dreams . Absolutely great performance Bharat.

Wait.. this leaves B for ya 😉 .. Let us wait n watch.

Way to go mate

Congrats to both the Gauravs too !!
Best of luck on the other results guys !

hi guys
ive got thru both PGDM and PGDCM!!!

congrats to bharath, gaurav dce n philip(i checked ur result too)

awaiting A and B now:-)


hi guys,
the impossible has happened
i've made it to pgdm and pgdcm at iim cal
the reason y this is surprising is that i had a horrible gd
i was really nervous abt the gd and was stuttering and stammering at times
in fact i was so bad that day that the panel asked me to speak continuously for two minutes to c whether i can speak or not
but by the time of the interview i thought that i had nothin to lose and had a really great interview
so what i can make out now is that out of written,gd and pi if u ace in two then u can afford to bomb one
i guess this result leaves only a and b for which i'll switch
but then iim c was my worst experience , compared to that a and b were wow!
so im keeping my fingers crossed

Congrats to Lyndon and Kunal !! Cheers on the great results guys. Hope the other IIMs too take you guys in 😉

Congratulations to everyone who's got through so far it's great to see people who's progress you've kinda kept in touch with thru the posts actually get thru...great going!

I got in too ! IIMC PGDM...


Hey Congrats Bharath !!

Man u sure rock , I am pretty sure that it ll hard for IIM Cal to hold on to u since B is gonna come grabbing u soon

Congrats to Kunal and others as well!!


Hey Bharat you the same guy from cisco, who gave me a lift from iim b after the indore interview??

Very much so And great to know that u also made it. Congrats!

And Congrats to all others who have made it.

And thanks to everybody for ur wishes.

And finally, wishing u all, all the very best for the upcoming results


Hi guys,
Mee too in... Muri also got a call from IIMC... (Lyndon I checked urs also before reading this post). All the best for guys waiting for results.
PS: Guys in banglaore who have already received the courier, can you guys tell the other info also.. like last date, the initial deposit etc..

Congrats to All those who have made it to IIMC....

PG is gonna have a good representation in all premier B-schools in the country..

gr8 going....


IMS says IIM A and B call letters have been sent.. anybody got it yet ?? or is today a postal holiday ??


Today and tomorrow are postal holidays... But I guess the courier companies must be working ...

A friend called up iim b...they say they haven't sent anything. Guess IMS is gassing
Probably some *ambavadi* can call up and check the status at A too.

Hey IMS is right, I just got the B Call letter :D

Anybody who got A??? I tried calling them but no one picks up!