[Confirmed] IIM B results out

Got a letter from them Need to pay 20,000 by 9th May edited by pg: URL for Result :

Got a letter from them
Need to pay 20,000 by 9th May

edited by pg: URL for Result :

congrats on B!!!

but u can atleast leave ur name:-)

by the way...when did u get this letter...thru courier or registered letter?
n what part of mumbai r u in?


Hey Lyndon,
how are you
Well I am sure you can guess who I am
1) during the A interview, you were busy reading tech stuff as you want to be a TEACHER ;)
2) and we met at CF, during ATM, C and B interviews !!!
I stay at Goregaon

And your name??

Hey ! I got into IIMB too ! They are couriering the letter.

so, its K, C and B in my basket of goodies :-)


Hey Shama : grt going - 3/3 till now. way to go

Hey Congrats Shama...
How come always you get the letter first... 😉

Kool Shama,,,

Way to go,,,
Hoping for a nice treat to say the least...


congrats to shama and finallyThrough

and Bharath ?

hi guys,
i got a call from b too
so it makes 3/3 for me till now
hoping for an all call conversion

Hi Guys,

Got my IIMB call in the mail today.

Phew !!

Dont recall anybody betting on me though.

Cheers guys and goodluck.


Congrats to all those who got calls from B....any bangloreans got good news?? except ofcourse shama n krana??

congrats guys! good show.

ne1 wanna trade calls?

mebbe PG can arrange for an online auction

Hey congrats to all those who got calls...

Anyone from Bangalore got the letter from IIM B??

Shama, KunalRana are from Bangalore... The results are expected to be on the web tomorrow... (Called up IIMB lil while ago)

hey can u tell me ...if i havent recieved any letter till now ...does it mean that i am out....anyway i more than happy with pgdm at C

Hey .. CONGRATULATIONS to all those of you who made it through...Keep it up 😁


Hi ppl (again!)

B thru too.
In a day I am going to start a thread of B vs C debate. I am now a confused man.
Somebody please warn me is this has already been done.