[Confirmed] IIM Ahmedabad Results!

as usual, didn't make through..

me too did not make it 😞

Well, A's in the bag too..

i got thro......

and of course no A too

I got it :)
Saurabh Singhal

Got thru A atlast....no B and no L but this is fine :)
My interview is on april 7th,2 pm at IIMB.....
And since someone has asked info abt grades in graduation they r
BE-67.5 %


conngrats pixie wats yr expected scores

wat score r u getting through guys????
prabhu hows that possibl yr scores plzzzz

my frnd made with a score of 59....
va 31..qa 8.5..di 19.5

hi all...
am thru...

anyone giving their gd/pi at iift on the 18th of april, do get in touch


i got thru b,l NO A...what r ur scores guys..and work ex..am damn confused

hi i'm just not able to get thru' to the website (AS USUAL!!!) .. .Can someone help me out?

i made it to A... anybody with interview on 6th april 9am at IIMB??


hi all
i amde it in A and L but no B wonder y....
anyone else in the same scenario....
congrats and atb for other calls....


After pleasant surprises from B and L, didn't get through in A. Let's see what's in store now. We are halfway through with the IIMs.


hey.....im thru too :))))))))))))

Me got an A call too :).