[Confirmed] IIM A results out

hey ppl, Your wait is over…here comes IIM A

hey ppl,

Your wait is over...........here comes IIM A

This might probably b the last u c of me in the near future 😞 i've drawn a blank at C,K and A - and a frnd of mine at A had virtually assured me that i'd make it thru A after the intw i had. So gotta rethink abt CAT. Congratulations 2 all the guys who've made it and lemme say that it has been a grt experience preparing 4 CAT and interacting with u guys. I'll still b visiting here, but i don't expect 2 post much.

I am thru at IIMA also... God's grace I must say... Pretty relaxed now....

Ravi hopefully you will get a call from the other two. Or else could a call in the secondlist from these institutes also...

Hi there guys !
Congrats to one and all who have made it to iim's. and yes congrats philiptj for A.

Gr8 goin guys

as expected , dint get thru A,,,

congrats to philip!!!....my eye is really good;-)


As expected, Philip... CHEERS MATE !! Thats one amazing accomplishment there. I'm very sure you are worth it !


I made it to A toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Am very happy
Thank you everyone on the forum, I had been a passive user of this forum since January, though registered only on 13th April. Thank you PG! This initiative of yours is definitely commendable.

I didnt get thru iima
Congratz to everybody who got thru.


hey guys,

congrats to all those who made it to A. and thanks to those who bet on me getting into A 😃 I made it ! and thru Indore.. didnt get into Lucknow though...


hmm.. actually.. got thru lucknow too !
anyone starting a thread on A vs B ??


Congrats to Shama and Finallythrough. Hope others also would get a second chance in the next list.

For discussing anything trivial to students who are selected for IIMA, PGP batch of 2005 a yahoogroup has been started.

Please do register at : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/iima2005

Generic discussions let us continue here only as nothing can match the environment and the comfort feeling here...

Congrats Shama, Philip and Finally through..

Great going guys...
All the best for future...

hey Ravi, don't lose all hope, wait for second list...


congrats to philip,shama and finally thru
i dint make it
but then b was my first preference

congrats to all those who got through ....i could only manage 1 out of the big 3 ... saved time and energy of taking a decision. see you all in *bhadra lok*

For those who haven't received the call letter till now, the last date of giving your acceptance is May 9th. You have to give a DD of Rs.500 by then and the classes are supposed to start on June 26th.

Hi ppl,

i didn't make it thru IIM A. But i am happy with IIM C. Congrats to all those u made it to IIM A..it is the BEST institute taking the BEST students.
It was quite surprising to see philipt making it to IIMA despite having apltry cat score of 100 percentile.....hey philipt.....u ll definitely get Aditya Birla scholorship........all the best for ur future.


Congrats to all those who made it to IIMA. It's the premier B-School in India and getting into it is no joke (a fact that The Economist alludes to). So, great going and wish u all a great future!


The folks seleceted to PGP2005 at A, are having a small get together at Cafe Coffee Day at Prestige Meredien today evening 5. Heard that the C guys are also meeting up.

PG what's the latest on Alumni Forum? Shall we start it with whatever ideas we have once ur exams are over?

Not many posts from the cat2002 batch now a days. Looks like everyone busy with their own work...

Hello Philip,

Sorry about the delay on the Alumni forum issue. I'll set it up right away. Exams got over during the start of the weekend, but was held up with work and other issues.

I'd surely like to see how the forum takes a direction. Hope to see the forum in a couple of minutes.

Cheers Mate