comparison of colleges keeping all prospective's in mind like Fees, avg package, campus life, For a fresher..

which is a better college among all these??

which is a better college among all these??

  • FoRE Delhi
  • SIIB Pune
  • SIBM Banglore
  • XIME
  • KJ Somaiya
  • SIMS
  • GIM Goa

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At GLA we always find us very close to nature. For those who love nature their is a NATURE club at GLA. I being a nature lover feel very proud to be a student of GLA'S NATURE club, where our love towards nature is represented by several activities and programs

My brother is studying in Galgotia University.I have been to annual cultural night of Galgotia University GQuasar last year. It was really awesome. The 3 days fest won everyone's heart.Very enjoyable.So many celebrity guests visited campus. I personally liked the performance of BOMBAY ROCKERS and VISHAL SHEKHER. This year too I will visit GQuasar. More fun more enjoyment starting on 28th till 30th March. So fun days are back again !

Life at GLA is full of learning and fun. Students at GLA are given several opportunities to showcase their hidden talents. A live example is here, GLA has launched Laughter Blaster Contest which is scheduled from 3rd march to 9th march. It is a great opportunity for those who have a great sense of humor. These type of events not only give platform to the students but also add laughter in the life of the students.

If the college will only impart academic knowledge to its students, it will become a bit monotonous decreasing the attendance in class. But if the college takes an initiative to provide some recreational and cultural activities, adding the fun factor to it, students will surely get attracted and like to participate. This will also help in extracting out the talent each individual possesses irrespective of their academic level. Thus GLA University has formed some clubs according to the varied interests of the students. Two of its kind are the dramatics club and the art club.The dramatics club has the mission to instill in the heart of its students a genuine fondness of art and inspire creativity and innovation within themselves by fostering their talent and encouraging the talent in others. Some of the themes on which the dramatics club has worked till now include women as powerful leaders, work force diversity, work place stress and its impact on performance, miracles and tragedies of life. The Art club represents the vibrant culture by en-carving out the creativity and imagination of professional students. The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. It provides a platform for all the art lovers and passionate people to creatively showcase their talents. The list of activities in the art club include sketching, graffiti, nail art, paper art , face painting and many more.

ximb rm or tiss hyd rural development?? which is better

IIFT vs SPJIMR(Marketing profile)

does anybody has information about TAPMI's healthcare management??

how good is the college for healthcare management?

how are the packages? is it worth joining?

Fore PGDM, Doms IIT Madras. which is better for marketing/hr?

Fore PGDM, IIT Madras-MBA. which would be better for marketing?

Friends, My Profile: CAT 86.59 Converts: IIT Roorkee, BIM Trichy Work Ex: 4 years in CTS - Automation Testing. I would like to change my profile, So i prefer Operations in MBA. Which college would be good for my profile to get better ROI and do MBA in Operations?

BIM or IIT Roorkee? Please advise

please help me out

i have converted nirma and greatlakes(PGDM) and i am confused,
fees and location is not an issue
which college is better regarding placements??

Which one of these would be a better option to go for marketing?

  • Iift D
  • Iim Shillong
  • Iift K
  • Sibm pune

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Which one to choose? (Plz dont judge by ROI factor)

  • KJSomaiya PGDM,IB,FM

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IFMR or Dalmia for finance? pls advice

Which one is better and why?

  • Gim core
  • k j somaiya core

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Which MBA college is better among these?

  • Nirma,Ahmedabad
  • IBS,Hyderabad
  • Fore-IB,Delhi
  • Welingkar,Mumbai

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For better profiles in Financial Services?

  • NITIE, Mumbai
  • NMIMS, Mumbai
  • MDI, Gurgaon

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Posting on behalf of one of my friends:

SCMHRD or IIT Delhi ?

Thanks in advance !