Compare B-Schools (IIMs, FMS, XLRI, JBIMS, SPJAIN, MDI, IIFTs, IITs, etc)

Discussions on B-Schools of India to help aspirants to get the best possible one.


  • IIM-Ranchi
  • IIM-K
  • IIM-L
  • IIM-I

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IIM Rohtak or SCMHRD for finance? Please state the reason also.

New IIMs ( Not the baby one) Vs NMIMS Mumbai?? I have worked two years in sales and want to pursue my career in marketing


Pls suggest ...

IIT Delhi- DMS or SIBM- Pune 

(general management)


A glimpse into IIM Ranchi

Please dont judge on placements report... a more holistic view will be appreciated

  • NMIMS-core

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Current Options - IIFT Kolkata and MDI IM course ( no clue about wailtist  no for PGPM). Have to decide between finance and trading for specialisation. Also have option for Ops in NITIE due to engineering background

Waiting for New IIM results . Any sort of feedback would be appreciated. TIA

How is SPM-PDPU Gandhinagar,MBA in Energy and Infrastructure for mechanical enginner fresher?

Please suggest with pros and cons 

NITIE for Ops

IIM K for Ops

SJMSOM for Ops

Please compare for marketing - xlri bm - iim k Give inputs in respect of placement, industry exposure

i know this is not the right question but I am in a very confused state. I have converted NMIMS(Core) and MDI HR with a chance to convert to PGPM program. What should I choose. What are the prospects for an HR in India. Also I am not sure which specialization is best for me. Any help would be appreciated

Please compare IIM Shillong vs IIM Ranchi......with reasons....Thnx in advance

Which is better?

  • IIT Delhi
  • IIFT Kolkata

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Best among the following

  • IIM Rohtak
  • IIM Ranchi
  • IIM Trichy
  • IIM Raipur
  • IIM Udaipur
  • IIM Kashipur
  • MDI

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Which one is better and Why?

  • NITIE for ops
  • IIM K for Ops/Consulting
  • SJMSOM for Ops

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Which one is better and why?

  • IIM Shillong
  • MDI HR

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overall rank of nmims mumbai will be around?

Please compare IIM k and NITIE. Does the brand really matter in long run (NITIE has also a brand). I am slightly inclined towards operations.

MDI - PGPIM or New IIMs, which one will you prefer? Lets say for argument sake ROI is not a concern...