CnPI process commences (Tentative)

To apply and for more information, visit:

Can we have a link bout the topics/experiences by people who attempted the Second Round of Selection Process last year?

sm1 pls expain cn process ...thanks fr help

what abt centre for cnpi ?  is it the interview centre ? do they have GD also .. 

2nd feb 2015 booked slot 2 Anybody from Indore or from somewhere else ????

15 Feb - 8:30 to 1:30 Slot, Ghaziabad...anyone?

Is IMT going to call me?

CAT-2014/ OA 98.36/ QADI 97.62/ VALR 96.61 / BTECH 78.74/ XII 82 / X 85 

what does C means?

Is the shortlist out? I have only received mail for centre and slot choice..

Slot for CnPI..

9th Feb Bangalore 8:30am-1:30 pm.

Anyone with me?

Any tips on what to prepare and what to expect?

I chose Nagpur as the city of choice for CnPI but there is just one slot available, i.e. on 1st February. I cannot appear on this day due to office related work and the date related constrains were not communicated in advance. What are the chances that my request for rescheduling the CnPI will be considered ?

Do we group discussion or is it only written communication ?

. Can anyone please tel me what documents will I be required to carry on the day of CnPI? especially the documents related to graduation....I really want to know since I m in a different city right now and will have to travel to delhi to obtain my graduation documents. Thanks.

i missed the last date for filling CNPI date and time . what should i do now ? should i call them or have they assigned one for me ?

Hi Team,

XAT OA- 96 , CAT OA 89, 33 months work ex, decent extra curriculars , what are the chances for call conversion???

Hi,can anyone please tell me what does the whole CnPI process cover...?I am completely in the dark here..

What questions do they ask in the PI and what does Communication men(GD/Extempore/PI)?

Hi, can some one share their last year CnPI experiences  and guide through the process...please share your topics and help us for the coming..!!!

Hi, Can anyone let me know, whether CnPI covers GD or Written communication?

Hey can anyone tell me what all does the next stage constitute?!

Pi is definite

GD?? CD?? WAT??
This question has been asked several times i see in the thread..high time someone in charge RESPONDS to ppls queries?!

Hey I had applied to IMT Ghaziabad and Nagpur. And I was hoping to get a call for Ghaziabad through XAT. (CAT,CMAT result not good). But I just got a mail that you have been shortlisted for Nagpur, Hyd and Dubai. :/

Is this shortlisting done through CAT/CMAT and not XAT? Will the XAT shorlist be out later?