CMAT Sept 2013 Results Out

Hi Puys!! Got a score of 243/400, what to expect

Hi Puys!! Got a score of 243/400, what to expect

203 😟

which colleges do i stand chance in..?

any idea.. anybody..?

204 score 😞

what colleges can i expect ?
Any idea ??

216...wat colgs cn i get??at what score do we get gim??

check your cmat result here.

245, general knowledge screwed me big time, only 25.

expected 260 ENDED WITH 220 only😟😟 Rank-2356 quant-76 LR-38 LC-70 GK-36
Screwed LR as I attempted it last and faced shortage of time...have to improve my speed a lot😟😟
last yr kj somaya cutoff was 194 ...
pls provide info regarding the cutoffs???

184 kya mil sakta hai?😠

rank 101 what can i expect puys?? language screwed me..:(

Hi all,

what was the cut off of last years CMAT for entry into good B colleges under it?Eg-GIM,KJ,JBIMS?

Hi Puys,

As we all know that the forms of GIM,KJ are out, can anyone tell me please that do these forms comes out twice a year to be filled?as the CMAT exams take place onece in sept and the other in feb. So do I need to fill the forms now itself for feb CMAT? Coz my sept CMAT score is not too good to get through these colleges. Please help..

I got 206..😠😠 screwd up lc nd only half of wat i expectd..embarrased wat chances do i have in any decent management institute?

Hi guys. πŸ˜ƒ My first time in CMAT. I got 226 score and 1945 rank. Pls tell me which colleges can I apply and expect to get to a seat?

i got 189, ny decent college whr i can apply ? plz suggest ..thank you..:)

with 192 what are the options??individual college cut offs?


I got the All India Rank 78 in CMAT Sep.2013.

I fall in All India General Category.

I have 92.57% in 10th and 88.60% in 12th.

B.Tech with 2 years of work experience.

Can I be expecting the interview call for JBIMS?

does cmat has obc quota?

have got 187 in cmat 13(septembr)! where can i get admission??

hi puys..last year the cutoffs for pgdm course for kj somaiya ,we , gim were 187,profile and 230..i heard they may decrease for GIM as paper was tough ....any chance foe 220..?