CMAT colleges

please suggest me some colleges under CMAT-2016.

I have scored 97.45

I secured 158 marks in CMAT 2016 with a percentile of 88.55 and my rank is 6306. Which colleges should i apply.

My academic profile is:

Class 10- 67.08%

Class 12- 72.06%

Graduation(BBA)- 70%

I have 2.2 yrs of work experience as well. 

Hi, I have scored 97.4 %tile in CMAT, Which top colleges are recommended?

I scored 75.19 percentile and 125 overall score in CMAT 2016... Are there any good Colleges in this range where i can get admission... Also i got 77.6% in Xth, 59.2% in XIIth and passed B.Tech in Information Technology With 58.7%... please suggest...