CLAT Prepration -2015

Hello Everyone. Clat 2015 preparation discussion should be starts now.

Hello Everyone. Clat 2015 preparation discussion should be starts now.

The sum of the present ages of Varun and Kapil is 42. The ratio of their ages after five years will be 15:11. What is the present age of Kapil

X began a business with Rs. 4500 and was joined afterwards by Y with Rs. 13500. When did Y join if the profits at the end of the year were divided equally?

im preparing for UG exam of clat how can i get best material for study.....which coaching's notes or books should be prefered....plz help me out.

In a certain code '2 9 3' means 'roses are red' '6 3 7' means 'lotus and roses', '5 2 6' means 'have red roses', '5 2 6' means 'have red roses'. Which of the following means 'and' in that code?

where is the link to online mock test depicted on clat official website?

One of my friend is in the final semester of Law(After B.Com and CA). She want to know, what to fill in the "Qualifying exams" section in the CLAT application form?

Those who have filled the form please help.

I recently came across a website:

In this I saw a page:

has anyone used this website before?  I was actually looking for notes which are not in packaged format. Just need a review from the audience. 

How is Government Law College, Mumbai for corporate law? In terms of placement, institute and culture?

Please help. Thanks 😁


A cousin of mine appeared for clat yesterday...However he is a bit over aged..So I want to know that will the over aged candidates of UG-CLAT be treated at par with the other candidates once they clear a NLU in terms of opportunities and placements?

i scored 152.50 in clat this year ?? which college should i expect?