CL/TIME XAT Mocks:2017

Discussion of CL and TIME mock scores

OMET1001703 TIME

VA:  11.5

DM: 11.25

QA:  13.75

-ve for unattempted: 0.55

OA: 35.95

Can someone tell me what exactly is a good score in XAT?couldn't find any percentile vs score chart online-i am talking about 99 + percentile

Can someone post a pic of answer key of CL 1st mock of xat?

TIME OMET 1001703(PART1)




-ve for unattempted=-0.45


Can someone please tell me how pathetic this performance actually is?I can't find actual score versus percentile charts for XAT-which sections do i need to work on the most acc. to this specific scorecard?

AIMOMET1001704 by TIME conducted today. Can anyone explain qs 18 of verbal section? The OA is C (2,4,5,6) I think we can infer 6 that reading and writing go hand in hand :good writing comes out of wide reading. We can infer 5 as well-writing is an inherent skill and cant be learned.

Which mocks among 1701-1703 are worth taking?

Solutions/Answer key of AIMXAT1704? Anybody? Test centre walon ne diya nahi.

Koi to provide kara do saathiyon!  _/\_

Photu/ link kuch bhi chalega.

Naya saal sabko mubaarak! 

ims 05 or time 1703 - which is more relevant/closer to xat?

  • both good
  • both bad
  • ims 05
  • time 1703

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Time 1703 VA 9.75( 11C,5W) DM 13.75 (15C,5W) QA 17.75 (18C, 1W) OA 41.25 (44C,11W) -0.5 for 10 UA questions OA 40.75 Itne pe percentile kitna hoga??

The time site says your result not available for 1704. :/ Can anybody tell the AIR at OA 36?


VA: 8.35

DM: 17.10

QA: 16.10

OA: 41.55

Can anybody help me with the percentile?

Can someone please post the link of solution for TIME XAT 1704?