CL Mock Series 2020

Discussion of Mock CATs, strategies of Career Launcher's Proc, Unproctored and Master Series  Mocks

CL Mock CAT 1 thoughts?

Found verbal easy. 

Screwed up the DILR section.

Quant was on the easier side but I  took a lot of time.

Proctored mock 01 Thoughts Was quant Tough? i found it little bit tough

cl mock 1





OA : 159

VARC: 74

DILR: 29

QA: 56

mock cat 1

CL Mock CAT 2 OA 168 VARC 60 DILR 55 QA 53

CL mock 1 did you guys find some mistakes in the Truth&Lie LRDI set?

Have the Master Series Mocks been released? Bcs I cant see them in my account.

Also shouldn't there be more people in this group :p

In which section we can view the mocks which we have already given And do they provide detailed sol of each ques?

cl mock3





Hi. I wanted to know if someone could give me a review of the CL mocks and if they're worth buying at the present fare or not. Thanks. 

Is anyone willing to share cl mocks in xchange of time mocks?

  Please tell me CL Mock 6 was a really really terrible paper. I have been giving mocks for past two months and getting decent marks( got AIR 19 and 192 marks in IMS SIMCAT proctored 1) around 170-200 but in this test i just couldn't solve anything like every passgae felt lengthy and verbose with totally irrelevant questions.DI LR sets had some unnecessary twist and questions with no smart approach other than sheer donkey labour. I have never shrugged away from tough papers infact i enjoy such papers but this one just stumped me. It felt like  as if it was purposefully made to demotivate people and i think in my case it served it's purpose. Really disgusted with myself and with everything right now. People who nailed CAT how do you overcome the low following such papers?   PS:Not trying to slander any coaching just need genuine help. 

Bought CL sometime ago and attempted Mock 1. Result: 

RC 70 

LR 43 

QA 90 

OA 203

CL Mock 2 

RC 69 

LR 65 

QA 60 

OA 194 

CL Mock 3 

RC 51 

LR 76 

QA 82

OA 209

CL Mock 4 

Overall: 112    (93.6 percentile)

VARC: 63 (99.06)

DILR: 34 (93.13)

QA: 15 (57) 

QA ruined  a perfectly decent mock (150+). Gotta improve attempts+ accuracy both. 

CL Mock 4 

RC 71 

LR 56 

QA 61

OA 188 

A bit low in QA, need to analyse all errors...

Mock 5 

RC 66 

LR 62 

QA 58 

OA 186

Mock CAT 3 VARC 36 DILR 68 QA 61 OA 165