CL MOCK CAT 10 (3 Sept.- 9 Sept.) 2018

Share scores and percentiles of mock cat 10.

VARC-20(ky krun m iska,thk hi nhi ho rha)



OA-132(very bad score)

CL Mock 10

VARC: 39 - (31A/17C)..... Such poor accuracy despite so much practice in the last week. :(

DILR: 33 - (12A/11C)..... Were more than 3 sets doable in this ?

QA: 67 - (26A/23C).... Struggling to reach 25C

OA: 139 - (69A/51C)

How was the LOD puys? Especially DILR. @jaskaran97

Difficulty level?

  • easy
  • hard
  • medium
  • not attempted

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Does CL provide ranks in their mocks?

My score is very inconsistent in the mocks, specially LRDI and QA. What can I do?

Anyone willing to share His CL test series only to see the questions and he can use my IMS test series in return ?

How is cl mocks for cat are they to the level of cat?