CL Mock 7(26th July onwards)

This thread is to post scores andpercentiles and discuss test-takingstrategies, doubts, and queries for CL Mock 7[2018].

VARC    54(32 A 21 C)

DILR    27(14A,8C)  

QA      52 (23A,18C)   (Ab ye bhi saath chor raha ajkaal  )

OA   133 (69 A,47 C)   (An eye opener in many ways)

Anyone else giving the Test now got this "500 Servlet Exception" error? The test just crashed while I was in the middle of the DILR section and giving the same error on relaunch.. 😠  Frustrating.

CL Mock 07

VARC 40 - (33A/16C) - Need serious preparation for this section.....

DILR 43 - (17A/15C) - SLOW SPEED KILLS.....

QA 65 - (24A/22C) - SLOW SPEED KILLS.....

OA - 148 - (74A/53C) - Long way to go.....

What are the average number of test takers for CL mocks?

In DILR, the answers to the (35-38) set (the folders one) suggest that there can be multiple possible solutions. But I've tried multiple times and there can be only one possible solution. Can someone please try it once and give your feedback on this set?


VARC - 70

DILR - 61

QA - 82

OA - 213

VARC  32A 17C -42 as expected

DILR 22A-22C -66 finally accuracy has come

QA 31A 26C-76 something is not going right here..accuracy is not going beyond 90

OA-184 (could have crossed 200 if performed well in VARC and QA)still ok. 

VA/RC :- 34A/24C : 64

LR/DI :- 28A/26C : 77 

Quant :- 31A/29C : 86

O/A :- 93A/79C : 227 (A very easy paper. No way the CAT paper would be anywhere close to this. A couple of poor errors in LR/DI & Quant though. Must be avoided in the future. But overall a definite confidence booster after the horrible SIM)


VARC - 65 (99.07)

DILR - 59 (99.53)

QA - 74 (98.14) 

OA - 99.69 (198) Bahut easy tha 200+ hone chaie the