CL Mock 2019

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CL mock 3

VARC 21 (1st aim- clear the cutoff)

LRDI 56 (hmmm)

QA 45 (got to brush this up, time is less)

OA 122 (IMS - what a bad start to simcats, vinay)

             (CL - very true ims, he has a long way to go)

CL mock 2

VARC 63 (Highest Score till now, however found this section quite easy)

LRDI 35 (Disappointed :-(

QA 47 (Silly mistakes continue to hamper my performance here. Will improve         soon)

OA 145

CL mock 4

VARC 56 (Good accuracy in RC section, Satisfactory

LRDI 38 ( bad accuracy 14 c, 5 w)

QA 50 (again less attempts, could have been better)

OA 144 (scores seem to have stagenated between 140-150, have to push up now . All three sections can definitely be improved)

Hey what about mock 1 VARC:- 45 (90.xx) DILR:- 37 (90.xx) QA:- 14 (66.xx) (screwed up 😓) OA:- 96 (89.xx)


VARC 42 (16/22) Again suffered due to low accuracy

DILR 23(9/13) Wrong selection, wastage of time

QA 32 (11/14) Found it surprisingly difficult....

OA 97 

CL Mock 1

VARC 39(82.33)

LRDI 48(97.88)

QA 26(88.28)

OA 113(95)

CL Mock 2

VARC 74(95.55)

LRDI 12(56.6) This section is screwing me up.

QA 34(90.16)

OA 120(91.11)

CL Mock 5

VARC 50(could have scored more quite easy paper)

LRDI 19(completely shocked solved 3.5 sets )

QA 37(found it difficult)

OA 106 (don't know where I will land)

CL mock 5 ka percentile and detailed solution kab tak upload hoge?

CL mock 5 - #learn the art of f****** things up

VARC 45 (17C 11W)....just wow

LRDI 45 (17C 7W)....highly commendable ...right?

QA 40 (14C 5W)......yes biggest shit ever happened

OA 130 

Post analysis

VARC-atleast 5q more could have been correct..screwed up va 2 summary questions wrong.

LRDI - left the football set..easiest one according to me......75 expected from this type of lrdi paper

QA - Why am i gradually declining in my scores to stick to basics .......60 would have made a good bet......

OA-an easy paper......hawever got to ease myself while attempting and rationalise to have maximum benefits

Mock CAT 3

VARC 60(98.89)

LRDI 18(74.94)

QA 26(80.6)

OA 104(93.91)

Lost all hope for LRDI, no idea how to improve. Any suggesstion, however small will be appreciated.


VARC - 46 ( 90.1)

LRDI - 71 (99.98)

QA - 60 ( 99.8

OA- 177 (99.85)

CL mock 1:

VARC: 44(87.97)

DILR:  61(99.76)

QA:     66(99.95)

OA: 171(99.78)....... Not OK! 

CL Mock 6 VARC 45 LRDI 27 QA 43 OA 115 (no words left )

VA-42 Lrdi-6 (dont know whether shld count this or not) Qa-35(bhai ne bhi sath chod dia) OA-83(mera man kara mai taiyari chod du)

How was your CL Mock 6? There is no detailed analysis yet and neither the percentile. I feel like there is some mistake in the scores. Even the topper score which is generally above 180 is down to 143. Share your results

An interesting article for boosting your CAT prep by an IIM-C alumnus:


VARC 31A 23C 64 99.40

DILR 24A 22C 65 99.90

QA 21A 15C 41 97.51

OA 76A 60C 170 99.83

QA couldhave been better. hope to improve by november ;P


VARC 33A 16C 35 75.3 (and my CAT 18 score was more than this 😂 

DILR 13A 11C 32 95.10 (dissapointed)

QA 22A 19C  56  99.10

OA 123 97.59 (reality check too soon?)