CL MOCK 20, 2017

discuss scores and percentiles of this exam

Can someone please provide me the link for this mock?

Hi guys, found this paper really difficult...!!! Let me know about your opinion, is it difficult for you all also?


VARC - 34

DILR - 41

QA - 62

OA - 137

Alg ee level pe chlra form aajkl... :/ 

CL mock 20

varc 36

dilr 32

qa 59

oa 127 abi abi track pe aa ra ta!!! Abi wapis ho lia 🙈

VARC-44(28A,17C) LRDI-41(15A,14C) QA-51(24A,18C) OA-136 Expected more in VA.

VARC - 12 :(

DILR - 48

QA - 48

OA - 108 :/

VARC 40 DILR 50 QA 56.. Accuracy f..ed up. OA 146... Koi na



QA 57

OA 142

VARC - 52 (28A, 18C) - Easy RCs, insane questions.

DILR - 48 (16A,16C) - Perfect set selection this time luckily.

QA - 63 (21A,21C) - Still can't believe this.

OA - 163 (65A, 55 C)

Verdict : A little easier than Mock#19.

How to reset the access code as it is showing the validity of code is expired??

Is this mock of CAT 2016 level or higher?

I got one of my worst scores in all the three sections

PS: I have given CAT 2016 and found this mock tougher than it. 

To all those who mark lrdi of cat 2016 to be tough..I attended a session by gp in which we were given a sheet of some memory based qa questions and 2 sets of lrdi which were a part of cat 2016..I was without any prep and attempted both the sets with ease in about 20 mins..i am sure many others enrolled for cl might have got that sheet..i might be a bit misguided in that respect..i havent found such easy sets in many cl mocks..could someone help me out ?

Guys, my DILR was disaster, could solve only two sets ( school fees & 3x3 grid) can someone direct me to which type of sets/ sources to practice so as to identify and solve more caselets. Thank you.

Analysis kab tak aayega?

Is Cl varc tougher than cat level?

Guys, can you share your scores with percentiles? My mock wasn't submitted and they're still resolving it. Just wanted to know how I've assessed the difficulty level of the sections.

Is mock 20 d cat 2017 sample paper named mock in the test series?