CL MOCK 19, 2017

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Tired of consistently disappointing scores, but here goes nothing.

VARC - 52 (A-28/C-19) - The wrath of the Philosophical RCs cometh again. Nothing else to say. 

LRDI - 36 (A-12/C-12) - In a word, NIGHTMARE. Have never before felt so helpless while attempting this section, no attempt in first 20 minutes, was barely able to complete 3 sets after somehow calming my nerves, anyhow, major dent on confidence.

QA - 40 (A-17/C-14) - Bungling this section since eternity, resigned to fate now.

Overall - 128, after a string of 99.5+ scores, an ill-timed reality check. Felt the overall difficulty of the paper was a notch higher than the last mock.

Varc- 46 Dilr-32 Qa-38 Oa-116 Nothing to say😑😑

while taking home from home the provided access code in saying invalid anyone know whts the prob

Varc - 53 Dilr - 34 QA - 33 OA - 120 Expected more in QA :(

VARC 35 13C, 13W

DILR 30 11C, 11W Replica of CAT16

QA 48 17C, 7W, never felt so helpless than in this mock


CL mock 19

VARC 42 :( CL has gone nuts!!! Inna tuff

DILR 45 very good sets... 

QA 53 toda kam re gaya!

OA 140

 CL mock 19

VARC 56   

DILR 68 

 QA 42 (don't know exactly what happened over here, it was not that tough though)

OA 166 



QA 72

OA 161

CL mock 19 %ile

VARC 94.28

DILR 97.57

QA 98.79

OA 98.99....

The first lrdi question mentions in the line just above the table that the data represents the number of orders received on EACH day but the solution show cumulative calculation.. Can anybody help?

is any one willing to share there CL mock series ?

I wont attempt any questions or tests of yours

Its too late to join them for a new account , 

so asking for this .. u can share my IMS test and E maximiser series if you like or i can pay you an amount upto 400-500 ,

please ping me if you would like to share :)