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ME TECHNICAL QUES1. Joule thompson coeff2. Bendind stress in circular shaft.3. Crater wear.4. J of circular shafts5.,6. 2 ques on efficiency of heat engines.7. Brayton cycle heat addn process8. Accln in IC Engine formula9. Cold chamber die casting for which metal10. Power in belt...(T1 - T2)v11. Tolerance of shaft.12. MMC OF HOLE numerical13. Max shear stress theory14. Mohr circle sigma 1,2 given..find tau max15. Chip thickness ratio16. In lathe no chip in which process17. In jigs 321 position18. Cylinder holder..V block19. Cutting speed numerical20. Cutting speed depends on21. Moment, theta given then work done is22. Convective accln at a point23. K1:k2,deltaT1:T2 given find q1:q224. T(x), alpha given, find dT/dt25. Helmholtz equation26. Dh = Tds-vdP27. Work done in adiabatic compression in steady flow process.28. Gating ratio29. Heat distribution ratio between chip,tool, and wp30. Merchant equation31. Ball joint is which pair32. Purpose of elliptical gears33. Space between gear tooth is cheched by34. Oxides removed from casting by35. Frequency in USM.36. WHICH IS not solid state welding37. Voltage in resistant welding.38. If acetylene<O2 in oxy process..then flame is39. Tool nomenclature...740. Temp in EDM41. Shear force diagram42. Hot hardness decreasing order43. Property of absorbind energy in elastic range44. Dielectric fluid used in EDM...SELECT45. Theta(t) given..find theta at t = 346. X given find v47. Kaplan turbine is..low head..48. Sensible heating...RH decreases.49. Pressure in reaction turbine while passing thru blades...decreases50. Contact angle 105 degree...water level decreases in tube51. Hoop stress numerical52. Viscosity of liquid with T decreases...why53. Q, Cv, m given find work54. K,w given find frequency55. Formula of natural frequency.55. L,g given find time period56. I, K given find omega57. Condition for self locking58. In tuebulent flow..head loss dependent on..59. Boundary layer thickness dependence on x60. Tool wear negligible in which process.61. Packing factor of Bcc62. Co-ordination no. Of SCC.63. Solid into two solid...eutectoid etc....64. du/dx=...-dv/dy for potential flow65. Coefficient of restitution formula.66. In Static equilibrium..forces..67. Reaction applied by lift.68. Forces on core after pouring of molten metal.69. Each term in bernoulli eqn is..70. Critical radius in cylindrical insulation71. In natural convection, Nu is fn of72. Roll separation force reduced by.73. In blanking clearance given on...74. In blanking, F required numerical75. K= F/delta76. In euler formula Leq/r =...slenderness ratio77. Vibration reduced by...damper78. Force = mg79. Wahl correction factor.

Guys I'm getting 157 in CIL . How much u guys are getting?

I got 119 Mechanical CIL 2017 and ST Caste is their any chances for interview

147 marks category mai chance hai bhai...log interview ka ki nhi..batou yar p

160 marks...Mechanical..General Category.....Any chances for Interview?

Can u please tell how many question are going to challenge and which one .. 

please comment!!

 mech Cil 161 general ccategory is there any chance for interview 

Bhaiyon ek ques. air definitely glt h mtlb uske saare options glt h Jo 30 dollar me 64 more eggs wala h, 2.25 tbi hga jab 30 ki jagah 20 ho ya 40 ki jagah 50 ho challenge kro at least jiska galat h WO to 

153....Gen...........any Chance?

got 144 gen mech any chances?

131 marks sc ...any chances for interview?

Sala agar cil cutoff 170 plus gaya to "I SWEAR I WILL BOYCOTT THE INTERVIEW." Aur kaun kaun vailog mera saath denge comment karo.. Its not a joke do take it VERY VERY SERIOUSLY.

is it true that cil  is cancelliing all recruitment process

Shri S Bhattacharya Chairman, CIL 4502/4503 033-23246622/6611033-23244023 [email protected]

R R Mishra Director (Personnel

& IR)

4428/4429 033-


033-23248000 [email protected]

comeon guys be a part of effort for change......over 60 tweets now

Guys I have got the number of GM personnel of CIL HQ- Bswaroop Sir- 9433209784 Mail Id- [email protected] We can try on this number. He is also the CPIO ( means he handles Cil RTI applications)

My experience on coal India- Gate 2015 recruitment by cil - they notified to take from gate., They said they will open application portal in December. After that they don't even pick up calls on whether they are taking from gate. But whenever they answer call . They used to say that recruitment to start from next month and their is no chance that recruitment is cancelled. At last de don't even notify whether cancelled or not. They quietly send the notification to archive section. Even you can see from the E2 nursing officer recruitment. After one year of interview. They notified that recruitment is cancelled. They used to do this type of trick every year. One day you may get other job .. definitely you will not even care whether cil is recruiting or not. That's the time ..for cil to cancel the exam .. for the next 4-5 months they will be silent n one day they will say exam is cancelled. They are highly experienced in labour handling. they can handle illiterate so easily. But we are graduates. They can even do better. Guys it's high time that we should unite. Whether we are tweeting or calling​ anything. We should have no mercy on them. Because after 1 month . You will not even care whether cil is recruiting or not. Ye unka bap ka company nhi public ki hai and rahegi bi .. we have the right on our own company.