CGL 2017 21/9 Candidates Gather here

Let us all sort out the discrepencies in 21st feb's English paper and 9 march's QA paper.

In English, Question number 206, 207, 208, 210, 215 and 258 ka benifit to all hai par nahi hona chahiye tha...because these question are very easy and were correct. Find more such questions in English's paper if there are any, let us solve them and file grievance on PG portal in bulk and make SSC revise answer key again as it did for Tier 1.


1- 328 is wrong. The correct answer is  "It is because when the rock was carved out of these caves, it fell onto Tropic of Cancer". 

2- 370 is ambiguous, it should have benefit to all.

Q 322

Question 208 of English. Correct hoga "trained manpower" na ki "training manpower"...ismein benefit to all nahi hona chahiye

I created a document listing the mistakes and free laddoos given to everyone in the 21st Feb English  Tier 2 paper.. Do check it out...

No, I am not doing this to increase my marks or anyone's marks. I dont have any such illusions. 

I am doing this because I am angry. Angry at the lack of transparency of SSC in releasing tier 2 marks..  That they had refrained from releasing PDF markslist like every year means that they are sure that cheating has happened and that they don't want the student community to notice that. Just because they don't want aspirants to outrage and protest, they are ready to allow cheaters to enter the system.

On top of that, look at the blunders in the final key. I want to know..I really want to know who those "Subject matter experts" of SSC are..

My main contention is that 6/9 questions in English for which correct options were there in the question have been marked "benefit to all". It's like incentivising those who marked wrong option and indirectlty penalising those who marked the correct one. This apathy is deplorable. The MFs there who call themselves "Experts" are probably mentally unfit for the job. 

Everyone is asking what can be done now? I don't know. But this is what I am going to do. Get a printout of the English paper, write on each question where I have been wronged by SSC and then post it to DoPT, PMO, PM, along with my admit card and ID proof. Also email the same to each of them along with Secretary, under secretary of SSC, File grievance on the PG Portal.

I know this might be entirely a futile excercise but that doesn't mean I can't even try. It's not like I am asking for anything I haven't worked for. But I am not gonna let go of what I deserve without a fight.