CGL 2013 Tier 3 (Descriptive, Interview, CPT, DEST)

Tier 2 is over and we should get on with our preparation of tier 3. This is also a crucial phase of preparation. Early bird catches the fish :smiley: So lets start.

Tier 2 is over and we should get on with our preparation of tier 3. This is also a crucial phase of preparation. Early bird catches the fish 😃 So lets start.

I am posting some real interviews of old members from Ronnie Bansals website.

Raipur MPR; B.E. Computer Science

Board Members: 3 sirs and 1 mam

1. General Questions# Tell us about your city# About my school

2.Education (B.E. in Computer science)# what's artificial intelligence# features of windows 8# what is Android# tell me some lifestyle diseases# is it a good step by govt to give akash tablets to young kids

3. Questions on science# what's DNA test# benefits of global warming# India's approach on sustainable development# why physics was your favorite subject

4.Hobbies/extra curricular# tell us diary writing and utility# what should be sachin's retirement plan# loss caused by IPL# paper presentation related question# blood donation (social work) they asked about rh factorMixed questions# fdi# why ssc# tell us the article of cag (I m an auditor in cag)

Conclusion: they were satisfied with my answers.Got 63 Marks
Post Allotted : Assistant Enforcement Officer in MP (Home State)

CHENNAI; BSC Computers
3 Penalists
2 Male [M1 (IAS), M2], 1 Female (F1)
Me : May I come in sir?
M1 : Yes please.
M2 : Take a seat.
Me : Thank you sir...(and greeted them)
M1 : checkd my bio-data and said, u r from kadapa
Me : yes sir.
M1 : tell me smthn special about kadapa
Me : kadapa one of 23 districts in A.P., where many famous ppl were born..
M1 : tell me some names
Me late y.s raja sekhar reddy garu, the former CM of a.p, sri annamacharya garu who was the devotee of lord venkateswara, who wrote more than 32000 poems on God showing his love.
M1 : with a smiling face, good.. do u know any sankeerthanas of annamayya,
Me : I know some songs
M1 : do u knw any body who has worked with annamayya?
Me : don't know sir
M1 : do u know m.s subbalakshmi who workd on annamayya sankeerthanas
Me : yes sir
M1 : she was awarded with famous award, what is that?
Me : she was awarded with BHARATNA RATNA SIR
M1 : another one who was awarded with bharat ratna?
M1 : where is he from?
Me : tamilnadu sir
M1 : the place
Me : sory dont know si
rM1 : where is he working
Me : hmm k sir
M1 : can u tell me from where missiles are launched in india?
Me : Nellore sir
M1 : u mean sri hari kota, satilites are launched from there, and missiles from orissa
Me : okay sir
M1 : u r from rayalaseema region right? How did that region got the the name rayalaseema?
Me: it was ruled by rayalu sir…so it got the name
M1: can u tell any rayalu name?
Me : ree Krishna devarayalu sir..
M1 : where was he from..mean origin?
Me : vijayanagaram..
M1 : no from hampi ,,
Me : k sir..
M1 : can u tell the applications of satellite?
Me : mmm weather forecasting (sir told : metrological), now all the cinema halls are running movies through satellite (sir told :entertainment), in mobile technology (sir: communications)
M1 : okay thank u
M2 : u mentioned BSC computers, what r the other subjects u had other than computers?
Me : maths, physics,and computers sir
M2 : what r the topics u hav in mathematics ?
ME : integration, differentiation, matrix, sets,…
M2 : so u had sets
ME : yes sir
M2 : can u tell me what is a set?
ME : a group of elements sir
M2 : good… can we say, we all together (including me) here are a beautiful set?
ME : I thought and said …sir actually BEAUTIFUL is a word that we use, only for women, handsome for men, so…..(all the panel laughing …sir told what a funny answer )(HERE ONWARDS MY INTERVIEW WAS VERY COOL, THROUGH OUT THE INTERVIEW EVERY BODY ASKED ME QUESTIONS WITH SMILING)
M2: can't we use beautiful word for gents?
ME : :sir actually we learn in English adjectives that beautiful word qualifies only women
M2 : he told something and said we may use in mathematics, (I said ok sir)
M2 : what is differentiation?
Me : it is the process of finding the rate of change of a function?
M2 : very good, what is matrix
?Me : it is the arrangement of numbers in rows and columns.
M2 : k can u tell me scalar matrix.
.Me : :sorry sir, dnt know(he told me, u can tell the answer, but I couldnt )
M2 : what is equation?
Me : I dont know the definition sir..
M2 : can u write it on the paper
Me : I write ax2 + bx + c,
M2 : now tell me the definition, bserv that and tell…
Me : :sorry sir I cant tell..
M2 : he told some answer (I said yes sir)
M2 : can u tell which equation is that?
Me : I know it is quadratic but could not tell) sorry sir dont know…..
M2 : is it quadratic (still I was thinking)Again he said quadratic, linear, some more names (I dint answer)
F1 : his background is computers, how can he say
M2 : no no madam he has maths also
F1 : but his main stream is computers sir….
M2 : k mahesh thank u…now madam will ask u some questions
F : what r the topics u had in degree?
Me: c, c++, and…F: k u mentioned that u gave a seminor on BRAIN CHIP what is that?
Me: madam it is a technology that allows a person to control and operate a computer with his thoughtsI mean with this technology without touching key board or mouse a person will be able to operate a computer only with his thoughts..
F: k k ….mmmm can u explain more?
Me: k madam, I tried to explain mean while she asked what r the algorithms used in that …I got the information in a website madam, they did not reveal the clear details of these algorithms
F: how can a person b connected to computer in this technology I mean wires or without?
Me: wireless madam
F: wirlessly k, but how can it be connected?
Me: just like, blue tooth madam
F: blue tooth kk..
M1: k now …do u have any papers on this seminor?
Me: :sir actually I did not prepare any papers, I used ppt at the time of seminor?
M1: ppt?
F: ppt means power point presentation sir
Me: I used ppt and for the presentation sir…
M1: do u have any hard copy ?
Me: no sir…I had only soft copy..
M1: k thank u
M1:u mentiond drawing ur hobby, wat r the drawings u drawn ….U do painting? (no sir) color pencils (no sir, I use only pencil, just pencil art)K k thank, now u can leaveI said thank u to every body (but all the three were writing something on papers) and left….
Before me 4 members attended the interview, they told interviewers were very strict, one candidate told they were very serious with him….. but for me every thing was so cool..they were very riendly with me through out the interview… and ece, SBI PO for 22 months
3 members
1. Po in sbi, y do u wanna switch?:- told abt upsc aspiration.
2. Y upsc?:- royal treatment, respect.Interrupted me. Started to share his own views. After 3 minutes told me that he has given my ans. (strange as i wasn provided the opportunity. I was interrupted 3 times)
3. 3 - 5 questions from digital communication. Basic questions. Answered.
4. 1-2 from electronics (cond of oscillation). Answered. Sir said, OK u have passed and the basic section. Lets go in detail.
5. Design a circuit usin opamp. Couldn't answer.
6. Asked draw another circuit. Couldn't answer.
(5, 6 were really difficult. I couldn't have answered even at the time of graduation)
7. About euro debt crisis. Effect in india. Y india is not so badly harmed?Ans more or less satisfactorily and confidently.
8. Regarding pl480.Couldn't answer.
9. Who makes new policy and who interprets? Answered bit shakily but it ws correct (acknowledged by her)Thats it.
Got 58 marks

I have heard that interview panel don't accept our CV. They ask us to fill some form (with specific format). Do anyone know what is in that form?

Answer this - Why do you want CGL job as you are already working in MNC?

interview ki tyari karo... no tier 3...

ssc has decided to dispense with online examination/descriptive exam of qualifying nature.


will there be skill test for auditor post??or else only document verification??

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CGL ka result Kisi court case(Nitant etc....)Ke karan hi ruka hua hai ya fir koi aur karan hai.....???

What minimum marks in Tier 1+II should be suitable for fetching a job in MEA, IT and IB in UR category? And what shall be prepared in addition to current affairs for the CGL interview?

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Descreptive (english med) k liye koi book suggest kro

 OBC Non- creamy layer Certificate between March 2013 and September 2016 of the prescribed format 

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