CFA level 2 June 2013

Hi, Congrats guys for clearing CFA L1 This thread is for discussion on the next CFA level 2 exam Good luck ! Thread of previous year :


Congrats guys for clearing CFA L1

This thread is for discussion on the next CFA level 2 exam

Good luck !

Thread of previous year :

ps : will update this post with detail when Registration opens 😃

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hi . . everybody . . cleared L1 . planning to appear for L2 June 2013 .
ATB to everyone here

how much preparation time is needed for Level 2,3 months are enought?

@rohatgiaseem said: how much preparation time is needed for Level 2,3 months are enought?
pretty subjective .. on an average 350-400 hours . I would say 600 hours is the max range . Ppl who are good in concepts might finish it off 200 hours .. so no one can give exact time ..

Hey also ready to start again for the next level. For Level 1, I studied only the Schweser material (except Ethics), and want to start with that again.

Since 2013 Schweser has not come, which topic should I start from 2012 syllabus which is safe and will most probably wont change next year.
Puys, all the best for the next level!!!

For level 1 I followed CFA text and sch exams. so probalby similar strategy for L2.

For level 2 , Equity and FSA are the major part.

Hello guys...

Just enrolled for CFA Level 2 2013, got the boks today from CFA..

Wanted to know, whether Schewser 2013 Books are availale .. and from where i can get them ..

Earlier i got from Laxmi xerox centre for L-1, seniors do guide regarding the strategy and guidelines.. am a B.Tech in Computers and currently a software engineer in Dallas USA .

Also if there is someone in Dallas area- then let me know- will plan for group studies...

All the best to all

not sure if i should follow this thread or not...i've passed L1 in first attempt...i'm a mech engg by nature..working in L&T..but; mostly i wont be able to give L2 coz its very diffuclt to juggle between engg job prof and L2 especially when i have no finance knowledge till L1.. anyways i'm in search of jobs..lets see..


Has anybody got any info on when would Schweser notes for L2 2013 be available?

I called yesterday Laxmi Xerox centre- and as per them the same would be available in December 2012. Got L-2 , 2012 material including DVDs and Question bank etc , for Rs 2000/- Saw online- it seems almost 80-85% sylabus for 2013 is same as as in 2012... ATB

Did anyone started preparing for L-2 ? .. was looking for some Planner.. lets form a good group for discussion.. guys reply

First thing you notice in L2 is the weightages which are not as simple as they were in L1

hi guys am also going to give cfa level II by june 2013..pls lets discuss, our schedule plans and preparations strategies etc...

i completed my level I by june 2011.. by this year 2012 i was unable to give my exam due to some personal reasons.. have registered for the exam .. yet to receive my books.. guys schweser will be available only by december... i think till that we can follow old - 2012 schweser.. how r u guys planning to prepare .. is schweser alone enough or shud we read from cfai materials?? for level I i followed only schweser..

just got some 21 week study planner at above link... I believe L-2 is bit tougher, so schewser wouldn't be sufficient, and also the same would be available not before december, so we guys can plan starting studying CFAI itself as of now .. :)

one link ->

guys need your feedback on this:

I am a sales guy presently working in citi bank as a sales rep doing salary a/c s and credit cards.I've cleared CFA L1,This december am planning to quit my job and prepare for cfa l2.Is the time frame of 6 mos sufficient for l2 preps?And is it really worth doin it on a full tym basis.I've been passionate about getting into analytics .my pay here in citi is gud .I am not that privileged to pursue my passion compromising on the monetary aspects .Am in dilemma if i'd manage to get a decent job after l2,the idea of remaining jobless or getting stuck in a absurdly low paying job scares me.I am not questioning if cfa ppl earn good or not , but the scope of getting a decent job wtht ny relevant exp just holding the L2 qualification..if u've sum insights plz share...


My advice dont quit the job, let the experience rolling. Also the economy is not so good

6 months may not be sufficient again depends on background. The syllabus is more on applying the skills so memorization wont help, not like L1.

I cleared CFA level 1 this june ...... I am from a tech background and also got one year exp in telecom..... But currently I am looking for a job in finance ( quant analyst position would be great) ... I am currently without much options as I am from bangalore.... If anyone is in the same boat or been thorugh the same situation, what do you suggest or please share if you have any companies where I start applying.... PS: currently unemployed .

guys i have jus regd for level 2 for june 2013..i'd lyk to kno if any coaching is reqd for preparing..and if so, any gud institute if u guys kno..