CFA Level 1 - June 2019

This is a group for CFA L1 2019 Aspirants. All related discussions are encouraged. Welcome!

Dear All, 

Welcome to the group and happy studying! 

When'll the registration for Dec exam open? Any idea?

I am planning for the exam.

Where should i start preparing from.

Advicable from the rudimentary level , I would be needing the help.

Thanks in advance.

I was thinking of starting the prep from March 1st for the June 2019 L1 exam. Is three months of intense prep enough to pass the exam?

  • It’s hard, but possible
  • More than enough
  • Not at all. You need 5-6 months of intense prep

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Guys, I have BBA in Marketing and planning to do MBA in IB or Marketing.

I have genuine interest in capital markets, started trading 3-4 months back.

Should I aim for CFA  or will it be complete mismatch ?

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Guys, will create a group for CFA L1 aspirants. Please comment/DM me your numbers. Thanks. 

(Note - A W-app group. Typo because name of the app is a blacklisted word apparently -_-) 

guys I have completed my graduation on MANAGEMENT SO can I go for CFA

Guys, please join this Wh***app group for CFA L1 prep -

(Copy the link, correct the spelling of Wh***app and join the group. Thanks.)

Does session start in any top 10 college before June exam date (16 June)?

fintree cfa level 1 videos anyone?

need fintree videos for cfa level I


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