Cfa level 1 dec'12 study discussions

Hey guys, i am planning for dec’12 cfa attempt. I am looking forward to form a study group in Mumbai through which we can share the study strategy and opinions, tips, tricks regarding the exam. Those who are interested may comment below. Thanks.

Hey guys, i am planning for dec'12 cfa attempt. I am looking forward to form a study group in Mumbai through which we can share the study strategy and opinions, tips, tricks regarding the exam. Those who are interested may comment below. Thanks.

Hi all,

I have started wid FRA part of CFA...Please share some question on same.I have done wid all the statement.Please make this forum more interactive .so we can discuss many things as much as possible.Hope we will clear this exam in attempt via sincere effort.

Finally some response. Well i have started studying this week(im late) n i started with economics. Im reading directly from schweser's. Have you started with eco? I was planning to take up 2 subs simultaneously so that it doesnt get boring. May b i will take up FRA or CF.

fra is a interesting subject where u will able to learn about BS,CF and Income statement.I think u should take up FRA simultaneously.Plz complete all the questions of notes and curriculum .Try to discuss here in case of any doubt.

Me too wanna give dec L1. Already downloading the notes and videos then will start studies

hi guys.

i want to do international cfa, and looking forward to December exam and i am living in Indore.. my problem is that from where i should take cfa coaching i am very confused, please help, or i should prepare by my self, my background is engineering.

i found some institutes at my city providing cfa coaching classes, but there are only 3 institutes and the no. of students in Indore those are opting cfa are very very less.

shifting to another city is not a problem

also tell me how much important is the coaching, do i need the best coaching center, do i need to shift to another city...or i can do it from anywhere...please help...

my background is computer science engineering
i have no knowledge of finance
i am hoping if i could crack cfa level 1 in this December

and also tell me can i do cfa while doing job..??

please help...

Here you all go people for joining the discussion going on since good time now on CFA L1 for Dec'12 😃

have you started with [email protected][422584:Shashank5287]

@[316381:visionIIM-ACL] this forum is exclusively for study discussions guide ppl who have just started with their studies unlike the general cfa talks which r discussed in the link u provided

@[592758:Cfadec] The link i provided was of a study group that has been preparting for L1 in Dec'12.

For general talks on CFA, there is a seperate thread 😃 \


I have been thru that link n no one is discussing wht r they studying now or how much of the portion have they completed or any doubts they have in the subjects

yes i have started my own....i have completed till microeconomics part.....PLz go thru curriculum and start it,U will able to understand things very well.Please let me know if u need any clarification on this

U hve studied eco frm curriculum n not frm the schweser's...frankly speaking i dont h e so much time to read the entire eco curriculum...

Hello all,Hope everything is going fine.

I just want to know one can i practice the questions...i have schweser notes with me and curriculum as well.But i want to do as many questions of individual chapters.Do anyone know anything about this?Please Pm me the link if any online site avail for this.

Guys, Please advise me how to study for Economics+Ethics + Maths of L1. I am a qualified CA(1st attempt) and working in an IT giant. I have finished almost 3 scheweser books ; and am in derivatives section of book "Fixed Income Securities".

After this i am gonna start "Ethics, Maths" and then the "economics" book of Schweser.

Please advise me how to efficiently and effectively study for L1 esp the pending segments.

I dunno why, even after being in this stage of completion, i am not feeling that confident. Is it because of the cost involved?

You can answer me via PM.


@[354893:sushant1002001] Take mock tests and you will know where you stand. analystforum and analystnotes are two good websites where you can find questions related to CFA


Hello guys, my queries are:

1. What are the job prospects after completing cfa level 1 and how much pay can be expected. I m a fresher and graduated in commerce this year.

2. Im still doubtful about giving cfa this dec as i have completed about 2 study seasions in fra and 1 study session in eco (both from schweser)

what is the source that you people are using for practice question, other than at the end of each LOS in the books(schweser and cfai)?

I am using schweser question bank, is that sufficent?

yes Schweser notes is sufficient for round 1.Please start your preparation so we can start our discussion.