Central bank offers


Congratulations for your selection in IIM.

We are offering education loans to IIM students at the lowest interest rate (8.10%) in the banking industry with many exciting features as mentioned below

  1. Lowest interest rate in the banking industry - 8.10% with minimum TAT for processing
  2. No co-borrower required
  3. No Collateral, No guarantee, No margin ,
  4. Nil processing charges
  5. 100% finance upto max 50 lakhs. Maximum amount in industry No margin required.
  6. Moratorium period - 3 years.
  7. Living expenses - Rs. 15000 per month plus reimbursement for purchase of laptop etc
  8. No pre payment charges, no foreclosure charges
  9. ⁠Hassle Free Sanction within 2-3hrs on receipt of documents on Scan Basis
  10. ⁠Payment of acceptance fee also available
  11. ⁠Flexible Repayment periods can be changed post course completion
  12. ⁠CSIS Subsisdy also available for eligible candidates
  13. ⁠Complimentary Savings Ac with Debit Card and same day Mobile Banking Activation
  14. Seamless service delivery throughout loan period.
  15. No need to face complication of applying on Vidyalaxmi Portal

Central Bank of India
Team Shillong
Mob No. 84476 38456