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I have got less than my raw score in VA and QA .Slot 1..expected around 44-48 in /VA got only 36 ..same in QA?

For those of you who have not mailed yet. Here's the link [email protected]

I am not stisfied with my quants score , after comparing will officially released key it was far more better than what I got , even worst case scenario was better

I was expecting a score of 41,26,60 in slot 2. But my sectional scores have been downscaled to 36.18, 21.17, 54.87 with an overall percentile of 88.10. Besides, I rarely got below 90 in the mocks. I barely got less than 95 in DILR in the mocks. And here it is 81.37. Any advice what to do?

Has such discrepancies happened before or is it the first time. Though I doubt if the IIM officials will do any action

My score and what i actually confirmed from the official key is not matching for VARC section, the remaining two are exact but VARC, i expected around 55 but i got 30.60 marks beacuse of which my VARC percentile went to 58.59 making me uneligible for almost all colleges even with 92 overall percentile. This is very unfair in an exam like CAT

VA expcted 55+ scored 39.xx and 72%ile. Qa exp 35 scored 28 Dilr got what i exp. so overall negative scaling of at least 15 marks. And maximum of 25-30

Even I am not satisfied with the my Verbal Score. I had Slot 1. According to the answer key I should have a higher score atlest should have crossed 80 percentile. But I am not sure if this is only in my case or anyone else is feeling the same. I had mailed the helpdesk in the morning to ask if there is a process for re evaluation or scrutiny but have not received any reply yet.

I am from slot-2.My expected score in LRDI was 30-40 but i ending up getting -5 scaled score. It pulled down my entire percentile.I was expecting a percentile in 90's. 

is there any such thing as negative scaling? I was very much confident of raw score esp. in quant. Result# scaled < raw

Im from Slot 2. I was expecting a 43-47 score in VARC but i got 25.02 which has given me a 49.02 percentile 😢 I never scored less than 70%ile in any mock till date. Now im not eligible for the top colleges and this was my 2nd attempt. All my efforts have been wasted

can a wrong evaluation happen?

jo karna hain aaj aur kal main hi mail karo. Parso se 100% kuch nahi honewala. Abhi 0.0000001% chance to hain. 

You are from ????

  • Slot 2
  • Slot 1

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in wich section they scr*wed you ???

  • All 3
  • DILR
  • any two of them ( pls specify in comment )
  • QA
  • VARC

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I don't konw anything , I am feeling so bad , it was like , "isska photo accha nahi yaya center pe , marks kam dalte hain" :'(   💔 

  Some thing wrong happende, as I am sure that I would secure at least 12 marks for sure in LR DI and 25 Mark in quants but my actual result is just -2.02 marks in LR/DI and 18.89 in Quants 

you are ?

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Guys Humble request if your feel some sort of discrepency in Normalisation and noticed that Raw is far high then scalled score then Please share it with Cat help desk because from tommrow its too late.

Mail newspapers like Hindu, ToI.. we all must come together and we all will have to mail against this blunder. If 100 mails reach the Hindu or ToI, we can get a breakthrough. keep mailing help desk