CAT/XAT Quantitative Aptitude Preparation with Shubham Prasad

This group is for the people who are working really hard towards cracking the competitive exams-CAT/XAT/IIFT etc., but find math little difficult.

The group will have YouTube videos on various Math topics which are asked in different competitive exams like-CAT/XAT/IIFT/NMAT/SNAP/Banking Exams/IAS Prelims etc. The video will substantiate basic/core mathematical concepts followed by solved questions which are picked up from last few years coveted exams like the ones mentioned above.

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Number Basics-Class 1

 This class talks about classification of numbers, different types of numbers and associated questions. You will find out- how to find if a number is prime or composite or real. You will learn about the relationship between numbers and in the end, the questions will help you correlate the core concepts and help in mastering the art of solving competitive questions. 

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Number Basics-Class 2-Practice Questions

 This class consists of practice questions related to basic concepts discussed in Quants Class 1. Most of the questions are taken from CAT/XAT and other competitive exams so that you can correlate the exams and your understanding of the relevant questions. 

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Here goes my 3rd Class: Quants Class 3-L.C.M & H.C.F 

 This class is about the basic concepts revolving around L.C.M & H.C.F. It talks about the definition, the methods of finding out LCM & HCF and also discusses few questions related to the discussed concepts. You will get questions from LCM and HCF in every competitive exam and our class is going to help you nail those questions efficiently. 

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Tomorrow, I am coming up with my class on Divisibility Rules followed by another video on some interesting questions related to Divisibility Rules. Stay tuned!

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Here goes the class on Divisibility Rules!! Stay tuned and connected!

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No Fear while solving Math questions!

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Hello Team,

My next class will be on LCM/HCF Remainders Concepts. I shall be posting my video soon.

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Explore H.C.F Remainder Concepts Part 1
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Laxmi and Parvati run a race around a circular track of radius 126 m. They start from the same point. Both of them come together at the same point after 47.52 minutes. Then, Parvati increases her speed and overtakes Laxmi after another 47.52 minutes. If by then Laxmi has completed 10 rounds around the circular track, find the initial speed of Parvati. 

a. 25/18 m/s

b. 20/18 m/s

c. 23/15 m/s

d. 60/21 m/s


Explore H.C.F Remainder Concepts Part 2
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Class on LCM Remainders Concept.

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Explore few interesting questions based on LCM HCF Basics and give momentum to your MBA-2018 Preparations.

Class on Simple/Linear Equations-Part 1

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CAT'07 Question:

Q. How many pairs of positive integers m, n satisfy 1/m + 4/n = 1/12 where n is an odd integer less than 60?
a. 6 b. 4 c. 7 d. 5 e.3

Check the video for the solution and solve previous year CAT/XAT number questions!!! Remember Numbers is a very important topic, so check for an amazing course, link given below.

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Q. The digits of a 3 digit no A are written in the reverse order to form another 3 digit no B. If B>A & B-A is perfectly divisible by 7, then which of the following is necessarily true?

  1. 100<A<299
  2. 106<A<305
  3. 112<A<311
  4. 118<A<317                                                                                      CAT’05

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