CAT/XAT/BANKING Preparation Videos

Online learning is the trend nowadays. It lets you learn at your pace. This thread compiles various video resoources for CAT/XAT/BANKING exams.

This video explains most important part of CAT DI( DI with Logic). You should be certain that atleast one DI set will be on this pattern.

A very good video onn cat 2008 qs(geometry). It explains a very important concept of obtuse,acute and right angle traingle. 

A very good question from cat 2007 which tests on your ability to find missing data based on some given values.

An important set from cat 2016's perspective. 

A very good video on cat geometry

A very important  set from cat 2016 perspective.

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I will be sharing some more soon.

Hi all,

I have posted  a new video under  with  logic  series. 

It is a very important  concept  from cat 2016 


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i have eave updated my channel  with new video on geometry.

link .:

i have eave also updated last 3 videos with a link in description where you can download PDFs version of my video.

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Pfa links o pdfs o my vids.

You can download  these and then see the vids. It will be more useful then.

Logic quest