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How should i prepare for quant section and how can i get more accuracy in it? Do the study material provided by TIME is enough or i have to solve any other book if so then please suggest.?


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Hey guys, first of all this is not a SPAM.

I was sarching for MBA related blogs to help my friend in his preparation and came across the one below.

The posts look really useful, I am sharing the link below for those who want to get some really important points cleared out during their preparation.

Also I have cleared MICAT and I will be joining MICA this year. If anyone needs help related to MICAT feel free to ping me.

All the best to you guys.

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Does a full time paid internship is considered as valid work experience ?


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Wiley's ExamXpert Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT 2019 The best book in the market that has something new to offer.

Which specialisation is best among these two:

1. Business Analytics

2. Retail management

with reason

thanks in advance.

Hi, need serious help

I am a B. Tech graduate and will be appearing in CAT 2019 with three years of gap. 

My credentials are as follows 

10th - 66.43

12th - 59.20

B.Tech - 64.20

12 month work experience as graduate apprentice in GAIL india Limited

Category - Sc 

Which should my aim and percentile be to get into IIM Ahmedabad and Calcutta and Lucknow ????

plzzz help my future just look dark as my mark ?

Plzzzz Help 

Need ur valuable opinions

Wiley's Exam Xpert Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT

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CAT-2017 Slot 1


1. Different Orientations of Early Maps in the Long History of Human Map-Making.


2. The iPhone versus the printing press—which has been more impactful in changing the world?

[Source:—July 2017]

3. The mall, a place for social gathering and interaction, is on the verge of disappearing.

[Source:>US>Shopping—July 2017]

4. Natural selection is more important than physical isolation and gene flow to speciation (evolutionary divergence).

5. Sports Mega Events hardly benefit the host city economically, but may benefit to some extent in the long run.


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CAT-2017 Slot 2


1. Creativity is a social process and cities are the true fonts of creativity.

[Source:—September 2013]

2. Effect of climate change on the subnivium – the ecosystem between the snowpack and the ground in the frigid season.

[Source:—May 2016]

3. The Private Car—A Fantasy of Autonomy and Power.

[Source:—August 2017]

4. The Typewriter an obsolete technology in the digital age—hold on, not yet.

[Source:—July 2013]

5. The Vikings may have been traders before they were plunderers.

[Source:—May 2015]


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CAT-2018 Slot 1


1. The Recently Observed Aggressive Behaviour of Elephants towards Humans is the Result of a Species-Wide Trauma Suffered by Elephants.

[Source:—October 2006]

2. Blame for Plastic Pollution Should Go Not to Wasteful Consumers But to the Producers of Plastic.

[Source: blogs/]

3. There is a Disturbing Trend towards Quantification and Monitoring of Happiness for Ulterior Motives.

[Source:—July 2015]

4. Evolution is a Complex Process Involving Genetic, Epigenetic, Developmental and Ecological Factors.


5. India’s Contribution to the Second World War Should be duly Recognized and Brought into the Ambit of the New National War Memorial.



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CAT-2018 Slot 2


1. The Fallacy of Meritocracy—There is no Best Person; Diverse Teams are Required to Solve Multi-layered Complex Problems.

[Source:—January 2018]

2. How are the White-lipped Variety of Grove Snails Endemic to two Very Specific and Distant Places?

[Source:—June 2013]

3. Rewarding Measured Performance based on Metric Fixation Incentivizes “Gaming” and also has Other Unintended Negative Consequences.

[Source:—April 2018]

4. Saturn’s Rings and Moons are Young—Between 200m and 70m Years Old.

[Source:—March 2018]

5. To Deliver Public Services Successfully, such as Health and Education, the Government Needs to Employ Motivated People and Give Them Autonomy and Hold Them Accountable; Technology can only Facilitate the Process.

[Source:—February 2012]


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