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New UI looks good, but very confusing! Any tutorials/how-to posts coming up from the PG?




i am not a fan of the Old to new sorting that they have done


From where can I access my posts I uploaded in old format? @pagalguy

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I think abhi bhi chalu hai inka upgrade

All posts have been ported over to the new system. We have changed the timelines to now sort by time. This is important as we wanted to make sure that we remove frivolous comments and also get rid of spam.

This is just the beginning, we will soon add features and also introduce new moderators who will help elevate the discussions.

I understand the new design is a major change, give it a couple of weeks and you will appreciate the new features


can you change this reply feature. It would be better to have all the replies under a post itself. This new format is not that good of an experience

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Agree with @viditp011 having all replies under the same post would be more useful, now its scattered all over the place

Replies aren’t scattered. You can click on the username you’ve replied to and you’ll see the post :slight_smile:

It is a change from the old system, but we found that good comments just got lost forever.


Yes, we will do that :smiley:

Also, the new layout is not displayed properly on smartphones. I guess the site is not mobile-optimised yet? @pagalguy

Yes, but we are confident this will be done in a couple of weeks

Can we have a preference to sort by newest to oldest please? Scrolling all the way down to see new posts is not ideal at all!


Click on 1m ago on the scroll bar and you’ll reach the last post

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looking to sell my ims mocks including simcats and admats with sectionals also if interested pls ping me

Yes, But I am not used to read your name without that beautiful TAG!


Thanks a lot sir ji,

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Oh my karma! lol :joy: :joy:

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Padhai kar bhai.