CAT Chronicles

This is a post where we discuss hows our day-today prep’s going for CAT, and other such trivia :smiley:

This is a post where we discuss hows our day-today prep's going for CAT, and other such trivia😃

Just a little introduction about me ,

I have very recently joined the bandwagon of CAT takers, about 3 months back. Before that I was blissfully unaware of everything related to this deadly exam.
I joined a nearby coaching class for guidance, and today we had our first lecture on DI .
The prof started the lecture by saying that DI is the easiest of all sections, and we should always score 100% in this section, he placed so much emphasis on getting all the answers right, that it seemed as if he wanted to say that people who cant score DI, can never clear CAT with good percentiles.
And as our lecture proceeded, I started to feel that maybe I doomed.😟😟
Now, with less than 90 days remaining, I dont know where to look.
The conclusion for me is, nothing, is easy when it comes to CAT, be it the Quant, the Verbal, the Logic, or DI/DS , nothing at all.embarrased

The subject you are most comfortable with

Day - 2 (2nd DI Lecture)

The 2nd DI Lecture today was much comfortable than yesterday, I guess that has to do something with the practice which I did last evening.
So, as giants say, Practice makes you perfect, stands true everywhere.
Yesterday in the first DI class, I got a scare of my life, when I wasn't able to solve even a single question correctly, and today I fared much better.
Understanding the language, few math tricks, mostly on solving fractions & percents helped me set a smooth sail, though Im still not confident, I know more & more practice will help me achieve my goal, a 100% correct answers in DI .