Cat 2021

I got 73.13 percentile in the cat, general category. What are the chances do I have to get admission

You can not get call from any IIMs

Hii team,

CAT 2021 Percentile- 96.87
CBSE 12th- 88.20%
CBSE 10th- 9/10
Engineering undergrad CGPA- 7.21/10
Work experience as of Jan 2022- 2 years (including under graduation internship)
Category and Gender- General Female

Any chance of getting a call?

Thank You

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Hello Aspirants,
We are a group of friends from some of the top tier B-Schools and are planning to mentor aspirants for WAT PI. Please DM on the number given on the poster to reach out to us.


May be you ca expect calls from IIMK,I,etc… gender diversity and experience may help you… IIML call may be possibility but chances are less. It will be good if you can get good IIT calls like IITB & IITK& IITM etc…

You can get call from baby IIMs.