Cat 2021 slot 1

Can someone tell the answers of friends strangers and acquaintances set of lrdi of first slot

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I only remember that the answer of friends+friends of friends was 4. Between were you getting 4 strangers for each of A,B,C ?

Yes i also got the same answer…and acquaintances of g?

Was it A,D,F
Tita question ans was E had 3 friends and friends of friends ans =4
Pair ans was one with option G and F acquaintance

Were you getting 4 strangers for each of A,B,C ?

Yup i got the same…g and f with b and c i don’t remember that properly

Were you getting 4 strangers for each of A,B,C ?

I am sure about A and B but not about C . I used options to mark the answers just like most of us did .Hey do you remember all the mcq in this particular set ?

  1. Who were the acquaintances of G
  2. which of the pair share same relationship
  3. who was friend of C
    I can’t remember the fourth can you help me out? Rest two were TITA

Acquaintances of g were probably e f and one other I don’t remember…same relationship probably g and f and b and c…friend of c was hard there were 2-3 possibilities in the table which i made…tita one were bit straightforward…e had 3 friends and 4 friends of friends…i got 4 out of 6 for the other 2 there were many possibilities which i didn’t attempted

I only remember that I marked (C) option for the pair share same relationship question. Can anyone confirm whether (C) was its option or not?

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Options are shuffled. So what’s c for you can be option a for me

ohh got it. But the pair was for friends or acquaintances (don’t remember the exact relationship). But I am sure it was not for strangers. What common relationship were you getting in the pair question?


Which other set did you attempt? DI one?

Can you please tell me your answers for the DI set? Bar graph one? I got 13%, 1(MCQ), Office supply<funiture<technology.

Don’t remember the other one

13.25,8%, Tita-1
Didn’t do the last one

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Mera to 12.xx ,8% and titia ka 1 aa raha tha

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And in quants anybody remembers the answer for a2021 question? Was it 1?

Sadly 2, even I marked one but numbers were starting from 0.

its answer was 2, the series was repeating for 0-4,5-9,10-14 and so on.