CAT 2020 - For the GEM

Wondering how to crack CAT 2020 if you are a GEM? Have heard a lot about how it is grossly unfair to GEMs? You are at the right place then 😄 

You couldn't live with your own failure. Where did that bring to you? Back to us.

Well this is interesting...

my academic profile is-

10/12/ 9.6cgpa/87.45/8.8

what percentile in cat could fetch me a call from BLACKI?

CAT 2020 - Daily practice group 

(QA, LRDI, VA Practice Quizzes every alternate day)

Upcoming Session: Hustle 30 - CAT Marathon 

Date & Time: April 18 onwards, 10:30 PM on a regular basis 


Topics: QA, LRDI & VA

Rewards: Prizes in Cash & Kind


High scoring is the key for GEM candidates.

Sharing some tips from my end. 

Target 200, not 150: Your thinking matters. If you target 200, then You will strive harder in mocks to attain that 5% extra accuracy and look for those 3 extra questions to hunt. You will try to utilize the last 5 minutes (the rush minutes) better etc. You will try to leave questions fast! All this matters. Set up mission 200.


2. Study between mocks. There are some students who follow rare examples of someone getting a top percentile after taking one mock every day etc. But there is a problem. 1 mock per day in the last 2 months is good only for those who are sitting pretty at 180 to 200. Even for them, my opinion is that it should not be 1 per day. You should get time to improve from one mock to the other. Otherwise you loose mock sincerity and CAT might become just another not sincere mock. 

Study and learn between mocks so that you get time to revise concepts that you got trapped in. Do a complete paper analysis and write down your mistake patterns. Keep a gap of atleast a couple of days beforing going to the next mock. 

So, seek improvement in score from one mock to the other.

 3. Talk to a mentor: Be it working in an organization, looking for a start up funding or be it preparing for CAT; there should be someone in your life with you can discuss your prep once in a month types. Just 15 minutes will do. Find someone experienced who can mentor you . This helps settle your nerves. Find someone who can understand you. 


10th 95.2

12th 79.6

btech metallurgy

general category

no work exp

 please let know how much percentile will be needed in cat for getting calls from iims?

 Mr RR, is expecting the # of test takers to drop by ~10%? (He didn't even provide any reasoning for it)

From what I see is that the # of test takers will actually increase given the current market sitautions and increase in unemployment rates.

Also, From what I can remember all his predictions have been far off from realities. 

Lessons of pessimistic marketing with RR

CAT Past LRDI | Optimization | In-Out Problems | Naya Purana Grinders | Moderate

The set which set the tone for a lot of in-out problems like people entering and exiting an office, getting on and off a train, etc. This one involves missing data and calculation.  

CAT 2004 – Naya Purana Grinders

 CAT Past LRDI | Sequencing | Entry-Exit | Lounge Activity | Difficult | CAT 2003 (r)

You will have seen this question in your mocks for sure. See how difficult the original one was and how to approach this problem.  

CAT 2003(r) – Lounge Activity

The entire set is available for you to solve before looking at the Video Solution.  

Solve over 1000 CAT LRDI and QA Questions free

Rude and negative person,is the pot calling the kettle black? I still remember your post about "Aukat" of some aspirants here the last time someone questioned your methods. First of all please define aptitude,you make feel like something that's so innate and natural that it can't be worked upon,it can't be improved and no one should set a high target for him/herself because you won't acheive it anyway. But there's a catch, there's a shortcut to success and that is Our dear RR sirs CAT mentoring program which focusses on achieving what you can't on your own, because your aptitude is low to even understand the methodologies you have. You're simply using surrogate marketing to make aspirants (read bakras) feel pessimistic about what they can and cannot do,just to make them slide into your DMs and then you can bug them to join your Mentoring program and then sell your 10-15k mentoring program which apparently does nothing for them and I am still not mentioning the constant bugging my friends on PG have got from you, you're persistent (how ironic) too(don't rush,stay a little longer I have testimonies too) If you want to know why does it matter to me,I have a simple explanation "Bystanders are equally responsible for the crimes of criminal because they didn't stop it from happening" A friend of mine who got into your mentoring program last year told me about your phone interviews (that's right,they are the new norm) I am not questioning your experience or expertise in B-school Tests or PIs,no doubt you might have some aced up your sleeve but all that fades away because you don't pay attention to what your students actually want from you(I know 5 people from your group of 47 aspirants) and everyone has told me that you don't pay attention to what they even say at times! An example Sir:-So what are your long term goals? Asp:-Sir I want to open a school and then says 3-4 lines at random just to check if you even listen Sir:-Okay tell me why you want to join this B-school? I am not lying and obviously I can't call that person out right now but he's,even better, they've told me they'll call you out once they get an admit from a B-school on what was the worth of your course actually! That's all I wanted to say,thanks for reading and I know it won't stop you from doing what you do but atleast the guilt of being a bystander doesn't haunt me anymore

CAT Past LRDI | Scatter Plot | Calculation | Family Expenses | Moderate | CAT 2004

Scatter Plots come up every now and then in CAT exams. This one seems like one that needs some calculations, but we solve this without any. Find out how.


CAT 2004 – Family Expenses

CAT Past LRDI | Indexation Problems | Tabulation | Calculations | Moderate | CAT 2003(r)  

You will get a lot of price index based questions in mocks. This is a question that blends both calculations as well as basic understanding of tables and indices from past CAT paper.

CAT 2003(r) – Price Index

CAT Past LRDI | Optimization | Case | Quant Based Reasoning | Moderate | CAT 2005

A tricky case based optimization problem from CAT 2005 that involves calculations, comparisons and multiple scenarios.  

CAT 2005 – Firm Profits

CAT Past LRDI | Tabulation | Quant Based Reasoning | Moderate | CAT 2004

A very common pattern matching set that combines calculations and trial and error. Try this moderate level set from past CAT Paper

CAT 2004 – Website Visitors