CAT 2017 Fiasco

To discuss faulty admission process


Same case here even after reasonable wat pi. Not able to figure out what went wrong

Date : 12/2/2018 Location : Radisson Blu, Delhi WAT Topic : Social media tempts people to post their opinions, but there are no checks to ensure their validity. With example, explain the potential threats and measures to control. Person Interview : Two panelists:  Two middle aged persons (A and B) A: So Nikhil, what's the meaning of your name ? Me: Sir, it means complete. A: Ok, your extempore topic is "Tell us your most memorable moment of your life". You have 1 minute to think and 2 to speak. You may start thinking now. Me : I told them about a personal incident where I overcame a personal fear, what I did and how did I do that. A: So, You think it is the most memorable memory in your life. Me : Yes sir, personally it is the most memorable one because first the situation increased my personal confidence and belief in myself and also because it made me feel that there is no situation in life which is too big to be solved. A : Ok. They asked me to take out my data sheet (Personal form with all my employment + graduation + Extra curricular details) and also my CAT scorecard. Plus asked me to hand over all the graduation certificates. B: So, Nikhil your quants percentile is very good. It is almost 100. Me: Sir, I am sorry but you are probably looking up the wrong detail. B: Oh, yes it is actually your overall percentile. But still your quants percentile is very good. Me : Yes sir, though it is good. I feel this is the only section I underperformed in CAT exam. A: (After looking up my data sheet) You have basically done a 5 year program with 4 years in industrial engineering and 1 year in operations management. Me: Yes sir B: That's good as you already have some MBA exposure. Me: Yes sir, it helps. A: So, did you study production planning in your graduation. Me: I said yes (Within myself I was like hell no no no, please don't do this to me.) A: What is agreegate planning? Me: Sir, it is basically a tool used by organisations for production planning wherein we manage two functions scheduling and inventory control. A: But why do we do it. Me: Sir, because we want to minimize our costs and make sure that inventory is at the minimum possible level. A: No, but what do we want to match by doing this. Me: Sir, through this we want to match customer demand and supply. A: Right, good. What are the two main principles, agreegate planning is built on? Me : The first principle is level loading ( known as heijunka in Japanese). A: (Seemed not so convinced) Is it the same as level strategy. Me: Yes, sir both of these are the same things. A: What exactly does it mean? Me: Sir, it means that we plan our production processes in a way that we divide the production evenly among all time we have to produce. Shouldn't be that we are making the whole requirement at a single strech. A: Right, that is level strategy only. What is the other principle of agreegate planning. Me: Sir, it is related to hiring, firing, temporary staffing etc but I am not able to recall the exact name. A: Try to recall the name. Me: ok sir, give me 15 seconds to think. B: (After 15 seconds) Anyways, why do we follow this strategy? Me: Sir, there are seasonal industries where there is fluctuations in customer demand throughout the year. So, staff requirements are constantly variable. For example : I work for the solar Industry, for which the season is just starting. Now, since the demand would be higher in this period. Our vendors have already hired people for the season. Once the season would be over, layoffs would be there. B: Ok. Right, so we basically call this as chase strategy. Me: Ok sir. A: During your graduation, did you do any extra-curricular activities ? Me: Yes sir, from the very beginning of my graduation I started freelancing for an online platform. Since, the semester fee of thapar was very high and also because I come from a middle class background, I decided that I will manage my monthly expenses on my own. A: Ok Me: Also, it was a experience which I very much enjoyed as it utilized one of my strengths of aptitude as I had to form quant question bank for this website and over a weekend I was able to form around 18-20 questions with each question fetching me around 80 rs. A: So you had to basically form questions? Me: Yes, sir along with just questions I would have to submit the correct answer with explanation and also I had to form 4 multiple choice options and would also have to explain my rational that about how a student would fall into a trap and would end up marking these options. B: Which subject did you write questions of ? Me: sir, quants. B: ok B: So, did you read anything in the budget related to your industry. Me: Sir, I actually tried to find something in the budget related to solar or e-commerce sector but did not find anything.But I am not sure. (Awkward silence, I was like how stupid of me of not knowing such an expected question. Now, I started thinking that probably I should tell them about how GST has impacted e-commerce. Then I was like it would be a very stupid thing to do) Me: (After silence) Sir, I don't think I am aware or 100% sure ( My response was one among these two) B: ok. A: What do you think is the difference between marketing in e-commerce and offline customers. Me: Sir, I think firstly the customer base is in itself very different. E-commerce business is built around young India customers who have internet access while in offline campaigns there is no such requirement. (I missed the most basic difference that there is no physical interaction in e-commerce + I felt they were not very satisfied with my answer) A: What are the products that you deal in? Me: safety products, testing instruments, power tools, welding material, pumps, motors etc. A: What are the major players operating in e-commerce? Me: Sir, in the segment we operate or overall A: Like anyways. Me: Sir, in the space we operate there is Tolexo, Industrybuying, Rootefy, urjakart, moglix. B: So this moglix is a known company right. Me: Yes, sir they are. It is a well funded startup. B: So, this Rootefy is not very well known right. When did the company start? Me: Yes, sir definitely. We are a 2 year old company with a team of 15-20 members only. A: Okay do you have anything like offer letter, pay slips to show right now. (I thought the panelist just wanted to confirm, whether my experience at Rootefy is a genuine or not). Me: No, sir I am not carrying them with me right now. A: ok show me your data sheet, how much do you draw from Rootefy? B: Rs. XXX. A: Ok then ( Basically he just checked that whether I fall in the tax paying category it not as it confirms that my work ex is genuine. B: You draw a very decent salary from Rootefy. Me: Yes sir, I think so. Although I feel this could have been much much better as with Rootefy I negotiated a contract where I had to just work for 4 days for my company in a week. I did that because I wanted to manage both my work and CAT preparation in a better manner. B: Which is alright, good. Me: Yes, sir. B: I think that would be it. A: One last thing, does your folder have any extra curricular certificates? Me: Yes sir, it does. I took my folder from him and started searching for them. ( 10 seconds later) B: You can just tell us what is it about? Me: Yes sir, so I won a information system design competition in our college business fest. It was .... (Interrupted in b/w by A) A: okay this is the certificate. Me: yes sir. A: okay then, you can leave now. Me: Okay sir thank you. Me to B: Thank you sir. B: Okay.

My Ranchi admission page changed to this, what does this mean?

Guys sambalpur ka Kya hua ? Socho vha se bhi reject Mila hai !


Central Public Information Officer (CPIO)

Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirapalli,

Tiruchirappalli- 620 024

Tamil Nadu, India

Sub: Application under Right to Information Act 2005

Dear Sir, This is with reference to the final results for admission into PGP 2018-20 declared by IIM Tiruchirappalli. I wish to seek answers to the following queries as per the RTI act.

1. I would like to know my pre WAT, GD-PI and post WAT,GD-PI composite score with detailed break-up according to the admission policy of IIM Tiruchirappalli.

2. What is the cut-off score for final selection into PGP 2018-20 in General category for both directly converted and waitlisted students.?

3. How many candidates were given final selection and how many are in waiting list in General? and what is my rank?

4. What is the minimum CAT percentile of candidates in selected and waitlisted lists in NC-OBC ,general and SC,ST category?

5. How many candidates were called for WAT,GD-PI process and how many candidates actually attended the WAT,GD-PI process in NCOBC ,general and SC,ST category?

Following are my details.

Name : Nikhil Aggarwal

CAT Reg no. : 7141017

Email id : [email protected]

Address: G-1 House no - 307, Indira Enclave, Sector- 21d, Faridabad, Haryana. Pin - 121001

Ye bc Rohtak talli hai Kya?

Muje Rohtak me convert ka message aa rha hai. Is it really a convert ?

Guys, mera raipur ka result nai khul rha? Koi please check karke btaado. 7141017 3rd September 1992

Guys what do you think about IIT Madras DOMS?? It maybe the only convert I'm getting this year

@stabber is there an update on rti u filed. What is the link for filing rti online