CAT 2017 Aspirants

For extra materials and mock test papers of other coaching institutions and their discussions

How should I start with verbal?please tell me the technique so that I can make it in verbal by the end.

please suggest good coaching institute for cat prep in delhi

Hi guys, If at all anyone here is planning to join tathagat for their cat prep, i can get you a discount there, which otherwise is not offered by them. Contact for more details!

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Hi, I wanted ur reviews about IMS Marathalli Centre.. How is the faculty there!? Aiming CAT 2017.

if the product of all the factors of a number is equal to the square of the number and the sum of all the factors of the number, other than the number itself is 13, then find the sum of all the values possible for the number......pls help me, I need with explanation

What topics should I read for VARC Cat17?

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Out Of 75 people, 25 can do swimming, 38 can do cycling, 27 can play badminton and 16 can play exactly 2 of the three sports and 5 can play none of the sports. How many people can play at most one sport? 

A] 57 B] 52 53 D] Can’t be determined

 MathOratory is coming next to Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
Mark your calendars.

21st March | 12:00 noon | Triguna Sen Auditorium

You sure do not want to miss out on the barrage of exciting quizzes, gripping puzzles and CAT prep tips from serial 99.5+ percentiles in CAT, XAT!

It is an open for all event, however, seats are limited.
To pre-register, drop an email at [email protected] with the subject line: JU Workshop March 2017
Mention your name, contact details, and college in the body.
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Guys   will be completing my MSc this yr in June and will be giving cat 2017. . Admission in Bschool will take place in June 2018 so will this break be considered a gap year as i wont  be joining a job????


TIME & IMS notes and handouts for sale.

Also a few standard books.

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i need approach A Eugenics research worker is working with two types of bacteria. One type triples in 10 mins while other becomes 5 times in the same time.if the total number of bacteria after half an hour is 1118 what was the total number at the beginning?

Anyone willing to buy TIME CAT16 booklets, AIMCATS printed, GA magazines, vocabulary cards, Word Power Book? I can also sell a photocopied version of my notes for quants that I've made in TIME classes. They are sure to help with your prep. I live in Chhattisgarh but I can ship them to wherever you'd like in India. Msg me directly on pagalguy to take further action. Thanks

Hey guys TIME full cat and other management exams material available anybody interested plz text me ..i am from pune...

Is there any group for CL mock scores? Has anybody taken the first proctored mock of CL?

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