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 The last date for CAT application is 22nd September. Lets gear up for 4th December guys.

Which test series is going to help me with CAT? I would prefer a series that will give me an experience of the exam pattern as well.

Could anyone pls post the dates when the application portal of top colleges will open?(namely nitie, mdi, fms)

Guys anyone wrote AIMCAT 1711? 

Guys which institute offers the best CAT classroom coaching in Kolkata ??

Hey Guys, Can anyone please solve this question from CL MOCK 13                               There are two concentric circles of radii 7 cm and 8 cm. PQ, a diameter of the larger circle, cuts the smaller circle at S and T. A tangent drawn from Q touches the inner circle at R. What is the length of PR (in cm)?                                                               a. (222)^1/2    b. (211)^1/2  c. (241)^1/2  d. None of these

 Ten books are arranged in a row on a bookshelf. A student has to select three out of these ten books in such a way that no two books selected by him must have been lying adjacently. In how many ways can he make the selection? 

Today is the last date for CAT 2016 registrations. Registraion closes at 5pm. Do register asap if you haven't already.

I feel quite exhausted and feel like taking a break. What's your plan tomorrow?

  • Go out with friends, watch a movie
  • Relax all day (Cazz)
  • Give mocks

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Hey Friends,

Lets make this group a little bit interactive. From today I will be posting two questions everyday which will help in our preparation. Cheers !!

 In each of the following questions, four sentences (1), (2), (3) and (4) are given: Of these, three sentences need to be in a logical order to make a coherent paragraph. From the given options, choose the one that does not fit the sequence.   

(1)We’re good at inventing things that can’t exist.  

(2)The last words of the Mahabharata are, “By no means can I attain a goal beyond my reach.” 

(3)Usually, much is beyond the reach of human intellect.  

(4)It is likely that justice, a human idea, is a goal beyond human reach. 


If the cost price, the selling price and the marked price of an article are in arithmetic progression and it is known that a profit was registered by selling the article, then which of the following statements is true?

a) The percentage profit was less than the percentage discount.  

b) The percentage profit was equal to the percentage discount.  

c) The mark up percentage was double the percentage profit.  

d) The percentage profit when calculated on the selling price was more than the actual profit percentage (calculated on the cost price). 

 Hi all,

Pfa links of very important pdfs and videos for CAT 2016.
You can download  these and then see the vids. It will be more useful then.

Hey Puys,

What is your slot and centre for the D-Day ?

Mine is 2nd Slot,  Budge Budge Institute of Technology 

Hey Puys,

What are your centres for IIFT ?

What are the cat centers in Kolkata and Durgapur?

How was your CAT guys?

The number of five-digit telephone numbers having at least one of their digits repeated is a) 90000 b) 100000 c) 30240 d) 69760 Please help me with the logic of the solution. I have the solution but can't understand the way it's solved there.

Which are the good institutes for GDPI preparation in Kolkata?