Cat 2016 aspirants

Peer to peer discussions and to crack cat 2016 with good Percentile

Hii guys let's prepare for cat 2016 share your ideas post questions and learn more

Which coaching should i join ? TIME, IMS, CL, aur online course? Please suggest for cat 16 attempt

How helpful T.I.M.E ´s correspondence will be when one is planning to prepare through self study ?

how to increase the vocab n for its implementation,is there practice book for  it.??

Which book is best for verbal ability- sujit kumar or nishit sinha ???

Got 90.79 this year...suggest me ways to prepare and improve drastically

Any one here who is 24 and preparing for CAT 2016? 

Any one from Hyderabad preparing for cat?

If anybody wants Time cat 2015 material (worksheets,practice material, monthly magazines ,gd books) and past papers can message me .

Anybody want to buy time material in Hyderabad.. please ping me..