CAT 2013 (Wednesday,16 October 2013 Day 1) -- Exam Experience

To assure that the thread is put to the best use, please post your CAT 2013 experience in the following format :_CAT Center, Date and Slot:_1) How many attempts you have made?2) Your last mock score?_If you are there at repository th…

To assure that the thread is put to the best use, please post your CAT 2013 experience in the following format :

CAT Center, Date and Slot:

1) How many attempts you have made?

2) Your last mock score?

If you are there at repository thread, please provide the link here.

3) How was your experience of the test?

4) What was the surprise element for you?

5) Any tips to handle the computer based exam better?

6) Your overall analysis of the exam. Toughness, new topics, sections etc.

7) Any other query or something you would like to share.

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Live update !!!

Hi puys...!!

Gave first day first slot today...!!

Quant was bad just attempted 7..! (geometry , algebra , functions and no.system all over the paper)

Verbal was decent attempted 22...!!

What do you much percentile can I expect!! ( I know my quant was horrible expecting at leat 5 correct in sec 1 and 18 in sec 2)😐

Compared to AIMCATs verbal section dis year .. how much would you rate today's CAT verbal section .. especially RCs, PJs,PCs,OCs, nd LRs ...

Please share your experience! TIA! πŸ˜ƒ

Real Deal is here ! Manish Sir da post


Can any1 tell me how much u rate the CAT this yr as compared to IMS proctered n unproctered mock tests??whether its of same level or easier than the IMS mocks

Please who have given CAT share ur experience!!

The CAT 2013 paper looks almost the same as last year only. Is there anyone who has attempted it from Chennai?

Puys,acc to reviews Cat2013 is equivalent to SIMCATs (wrt difficulty) are the AIMCATS wrt the SIMCATS..??? never given simcats....any light on SIMcat difficulty wrt Aimcats??? ...really nervous here...


guys i gave the exam in the morning slot..attempted 12 in d quant section..expecting 9 to b correct and 22 in verbal with 18 correct..any guesses on d percentile dat i cn get wid dis??

Please reply asap as it would help me to asses my level of preparation for the other exams..

1) I honestly don't know, I'd put it at 45-48 attempts, 22-24 in QA and around 25 in VA.

2) 99.95
3) same as last year, excruciating wait of an hour, and it very cramped in my particular centre(EIILM, Kolkata)
4)nothing really. Around7 questions of geometry though :banghead:, which I didn't find a cakewalk, but seems like other people did.
5)no, but wear a full sleeved shirt so that you are comfortable if they make you sit right in front of the AC.
6)nothing new. Loaded on geometry and algebra. Easy di, lr. Simple to read but tricky VA(as opposite to Aimcats as it can get I this respect)
7)switch to pen paper format please, this way I am never going to clear cat :(

CAT Centre: G.D. Pol YMT College of Management, kharghar Navi Mumbai

Test Date: 16th oct 13
Test Slot : 3:15pm

Section 1: It was a bit time consuming but easy. Geometry & General Arithemetics formed a major portion. I had just one set of DI on Income & profit of a company over last 4 years. Attempts: 20+

Note: At my centre the invigilators were quite rude. 4-5 questions of section 1 couldn't load for which I objected by raising my hand. They asked me to continue taking the test and assured me to change my desk but they didn't, and after some time my time got over for the section. I pleaded again that I should be given extra time and the unloaded questions but I was told to proceed to next section. They kept saying just one thing that my time for section 1 is over so they can't help me now. full klpd

Section 2: 3 Passages(2 easy+1 tough). jumbled paragraph. follow up for a set of lines to form a meaningful passage. Fill in the blanks with appropriate set of words etc. 3 sets of logical reasoning.
Attempts: 25+

Hello Puys!

Did anyone of you give the CAT exam in Thane Center ie Parshavnath College.
Could you please give some information about the center like the lab and computer facilities.
As far as I have heard it is not upto the mark. So I'm in doubt.

How many people on 31st ?? It seems highest no of people are going to give on 31st , as till now I have found so many people giving on 31st ....That thing comes on your nerves when no of people giving CAT in your slot is high ...:(

are there differences in questions within the same slot also?

#First_Day #First_Show #First_Seat #First_Attempt

16th October 2013

It was a beautiful sunny day , in fact, an amazing day as I could remember, my test center was IES college Bhopal, and my mind was numb at the beginning, so I packed the bag and put 7 things inside it:
1. The "Water Bottle"
2. Pen
3. Pencil
4. Eraser
5. Sharpener
6. Admit Card
7. U-ID Original
(Later I realized that 1-5 are useless!!!)
As it was an auspicious occasion of Eid, I was speculating a less turn out and hence less nervousness.
"Let's go", to my mind, I said, so boarded an SR-4 from the hotel to "New Market" and then an Auto_R to the college, I was lucky, I got 2 men who were travelling from Indore to fix a "fountain" at IES college Bhopal. It was half an hour journey, and I was pondering if doing an MBA is anyway good for me. !! My mind was witnessing a Swirling Chaos !!

Life & confusions !! Any ways, then to my mind was occurring various thoughts like, "This time I have not prepared at all, so may be by beginners luck, I'll get a 99 percentile" , honestly those kinds of messages I was receiving from my cerebrum !! But my heart was pumping normal πŸ˜›

Okay, lets stop the stories and suspense, I reached the college around 1:00 PM, and not to my surprise, it was deserted ! 😁

I was the first CAT aspirant at that center !! So I waited.

At 1:45, a man from inside came and checked our ID's and took us inside the pro-metric center. I didn't even knew what it meant. They again checked our ID's, and told us to wait inside the waiting room.(That was a class room !!)

There were 11 of us including a girl, who looked experienced and confident. πŸ˜›

At 2:00 pm, a guy came in and instructed us to deposit everything we had, including the "water bottle", pencil, pen ..anything you ask, apart from the Admit Card and ID Proof !!

I was the first to leave the waiting room ,with token #1, reached the test center, where they took my fingerprints and clicked my photo, and allotted me the first PC, in their college LAB !!

okay I'm tired of writing so let us come to the point, what was asked. ?

Test started at 3:15 PM
1. Geometry around 4 questions
2. There was a simple question on PnC.
3. Question on Heights and Distance, fairly simple.
4. A question on Mixtures blew my head,I wasted 5 minutes on it and still got nothing.
5. There were questions in Algebra, Quadratic Equations, on finding the possible number of solutions, and mind boggling problems in Arithmetic.
6. One DI question was to find the Profit to Sales Ration ! After struggling with this section I could attempt a mere 17 questions. :'(

Verbal /RC/LA
LA was time consuming !! Full length typical CAT type !! But worth attempting !!
RC's were very length
y ..a lot of them were confusing. . !! I attempted around 23 questions in this section !! And I think it is not enough, so I've decided to give a shot next year too. !! Hope that info is useful for the aspirants who have exam in the next month !! Critics appreciated ! --

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any bdy gave cat on day 2?..plzzz share experience