CAT 2013 slot date --- Poll

Pls. mark the date you have chosen for your CAT 2013

Pls. mark the date you have chosen for your CAT 2013

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does the competition become stiffer during the weekend slots?

puys from kolkata,which center is the best??

Hi puys,

What date should be selected for CAT? Does it get tougher by the end ? and on weekends?

Hi everyone,

I want to take coaching for CAT 2013. Please suggest me some Good CAT Coaching Institutes as soon as possible. Please remember that Institute should be in Bangalore.😁

Number of attempts vs Percentile! πŸ˜ƒ

Hello Raajan,

Here I have a list for some Best Coaching Institutes In Bangalore for. I hope this will be beneficial for you.

T.I.M.E.(Triumphant Institute Of Management Education Pvt. Ltd)

Brilliant tutorials

Career Forum

Manya Education private Limited


IMS Institute

All the best😍

The Myth Around CAT Dates & Slot Difficulty

Just pasted our blog here. Read through.

Anyone who suggests there is an advantage on a particular date is only kidding himself or you. Below you will find some of the most common myths around slot difficulty & advantages of one slot over the other.

But before that, very quickly understand how Prometric sets a question paper. Since CAT 2012, Prometric uses the LOFT method wherein each candidate will get a question paper generated for him randomly after he goes to the center. It is NOT pre-decided. Refer image below. Of course there is the normalization black box post the exam but the lesser you try to learn about it the better, as noone knows the specifics of that process.

Common Myths and FAQs:

1) Percentiles are calculated by slot and I should choose a slot where most good candidates do not appear. A. Firstly, you will never know who a good candidate is, let alone who writes in which slot. More importantly, this cannot be the case as each person receives a unique paper even within the same slot and center. Nowhere has it been said that CAT calculates percentiles by slot only against people who appear in that slot. You will finally be benchmarked against all 2Lakh+ candidates. IIMs run the premiere MBA exam of India and Prometric has been conducting tests for many years for other prestigious tests as well. So let's give them credit and believe that they will ensure a fair process being adopted.

2) Most work experience students write over the weekend and coaching institute lecturers take up the initial slots. So should I avoid those? A. It is true that coaching institute professors take up the test in early slots to prepare their students for any surprises or change in pattern or just to provide information that people (albeit wrongly) are seeking. If used otherwise, it can be misleading. It might also be true that weekend slots might have a higher distribution of experienced candidates. You may or may not believe that experienced candidates are stronger but it plays no part in the deciding your percentile. For reasons again mentioned in 1), both these points are invalid. It is irrelevant who is writing the exam on the same date.

3) The first few days are easy and the last few days have extremely difficult exams. A. Probably the biggest rumour floating around. This is largely propagated by the thought process that students already know of the experience of earlier slot's students and the fact that your extra time for preparation is factored in. The question bank is a very large one for CAT and hence knowing of others' experiences does not give you an advantage in anyway. The large question bank and unique paper for each student makes it almost impossible for someone to memorize a paper to aid someone else. And extra time for preparation is extremely relative as each one's stage of preparation on a particular day is different. Moreover extra time does not mean a disadvantage.Else international exam like GMAT might have been adding extra points for people who write it earlier.

4) But I have heard many people who took CAT 2012 in the last few days complain of high difficulty. How is that possible? A. All you need to understand is that these students have no idea what other people received and difficulty level can be fairly subjective. Most people even use the 'difficulty' as an excuse for a performance that they are not happy with. To a lesser extent, too many of them build pre-conceived notions about paper difficulty and read too many unnecessary articles before they go into the exam that they are disappointed that they did not get something they were expecting.

5) There must be some advantage in learning about others' experiences before your exam. So a later date is better. A. This depends on how you utilize any information you gather. When you start reading too many articles about others' experiences and the kind of questions they received, you tend to sub-consciously start expecting certain patterns in your paper. And when you go in and find something else, you get surprised on the test day and a little fear creeps in. You want to be emotionally as calm as possible during the test day to be able to think well. So do not put yourself in a spot where you are likely to invite certain extreme emotions of surprise and fear that can cloud your thinking ability during those two hours. When the IIMs and Prometric say that you cannot predict the paper in anyway, let's give them credit and take their word for it instead of the opinion of a few individuals.

At the end of the test, even if there are differences in difficulty or domains tested, there is always the normalization black box. The lesser known about this the better as knowing about this scoring process is not going to help you in preparation or building strategies in anyway. Remember, the IIMs and Prometric have so much more data about the exam that they know much deeper patterns about the test and students than the simplistic patterns of dates and difficulty level that some people claim they have figured out. If you try to build test taking strategies around what you have read about the score calculation process, or what others are saying it will most likely be counter-productive. The only disadvantage of a later slot is that people read too much into the rumours flying around. But if you can keep yourself shielded from all that, book any slot and approach the test as you would approach any mock test.

For XAT, those who have paid online , need not post anything to Jamshedpur ri8 ?

Did anybody get a mail from prometric regarding admit card??I got a mail but appointment date and time is different to one I opted??So anybody else in same category like me??