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In an assembly election at surat, the total turnout was 80% out of which 16% of the total voters on the voting list were declared invalid. find which of the following can be percentage votes got by the winner of election if the candidate who came 2nd got 20% of the total voters on the voting list.( there were only 3 contestants, only one winner and totalno of voters on voters list 20000.)


  • 46.6%
  • 44.8%
  • 48%
  • none of these

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7th one with explanation please..

Solution please 

An honest milkman mixes 20% by volume of Bisleri to his milk and then sells the whole at the cost price of milk. If Bisleri costs 20% of the cost price of milk, what is the net profit percentage?

Solution with explanation please

In this fig how these 3 triangles are similar to each other?

The approach please. Answer is b

Smita went from Delhi to Simla via Chandigarh by car. The distance from Delhi to Chandigarh is 3/4th the distance from Chandigarh to Simla. The average speed from Delhi to Chandigarh was half as much again as that from Chandigarh to Simla. The average speed for the entire journey was 49 kmph. What was the average speed from Chandigarh to Simla?

Some of you had asked for this Link for whats-app group for CAT 2018

Some of you had asked for this Link for whats-app group for CAT 2018

A person travels a distance AB of 31.250 m in 5 seconds. In the last four seconds, every second he covers a distance equal to one fourth of the total distance covered upto the end of the previous second. Find the distance covered in the 1st second.

is anybody here from T.I.M.E Delhi center lives in NOIDA ?

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 Shyam writes all the three digit numbers in base 6, how many times he will write the digit 1. 

(Ans with explanation please)

  • 96
  • 100
  • 108
  • 102

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Approach Please...

Product of fourth term and fifth term of AP is 456. Division of ninth term by the fourth term of AP gives quotient as 11 and remainder as 10. Find first term of AP. Ans is -66. Any shorter approach for this question? 🤔

 How should I prepare for CAT while working in shifts?

Brief me about snap exam 2017 and how can I crack it?

What is the best preparation plan for cat exam so that I can make sure I will get into one of the IIM?

What should be my time table for CAT 2017 from APRIL? 

How can I prepare better for CAT'18?

How do I crack the GDPI of Welingkar for an MBA?

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In this question, 1.if c is to the immediate right of E then who is to immediate left of G? (I am getting e and c always opp to each other)

How to solve this set ?

Lots of possibilities arise in 

1. Deciding the price of market on all days

2. Indivisual trader investment.