Carlson School of Management - University of Minnesota Fall 2013 Applicants

Lets start a thread for Fall 2013 applicants for Univ of Minnesota, Carlson school of management. If you have already applied or are planning to apply or you have already heard back from the school, please share it here. I have already applie…

Lets start a thread for Fall 2013 applicants for Univ of Minnesota, Carlson school of management. If you have already applied or are planning to apply or you have already heard back from the school, please share it here.

I have already applied in R1 and submitted my application on Oct 24.

Any R1 applicants ?

Hi Ambar,

I am Sid. I am a current Carlson MBA student in my second year at Carlson. Congratulations on deciding to apply to Carlson. Thanks for creating a thread for this. Please let me know if there are any questions that I can answer for you.
Anyone else who is planning to join or wants more info not just about Carlson but MBA in US in general please feel free to reach out to me.

Hi Sid,

I have already applied for R1. What is the class strength and how many of them are Indians.
I heard that the acceptance rate at Carlson is around 41%. Is that true?

I had received a waiver for the application. Is that a positive sign ?
Any idea when can one hope to hear from the Adcom ?

Ambar Patil


Great! yes acceptance rate is low because we want to make sure we get the best students who can be succesful and add value to the classes.
your class strength will be about 115..
my class strength is 98 and we have about 9 indians..
Its great that you received a waiver congrats..
You can start hearing once they have looked at all the applications for this round have they given you a date for response yet?

Thanks Sid. So seems it is kinda tough to make it to Carlson !!


Sorry for the late reply.

I think we have a very strong curriculum and faculty when it comes to strategy and finance..

Talking on Strategy.. 2 of our professors Myles Shaver and Aks Zaheer ( i have taken classes with both) got awarded 50 best professors in the world list..

On Finance.. we have one of the largest student run investment funds within the school as part of our Funds Enterprise which you would get to run and buy / invest being part of it which is what any investment banker wants to do..

In terms of corporate finance we have lot of financial modeling classes and a lot of finance students have been placed in attractive positions with Target, Deloitte, General Mills and Medtronics being a few of them..

Please let me know what else I can answer on the same regards.


I am also vying for 1st November deadline. Can anybody let me know how good Carlson is for consulting?
Moreover, Is the school generous on scholarships?

Hey Guys, why so inactive?

Couple of questions for Indian applicants:
1) Do we need to send official transcripts for our application to be considered?
2) What about sending GMAT score? Can't we just upload the official copy somehow rather that requesting Pearson VUE to send score to Carlson?

I've got the application fee waiver, but it seems that due to above 2 points, I might have to shell about as good amount as the application fee :(

I'd appreciate if somebody can answer my questions!!

Got the interview invitation...

I just finished interview with Christine Foster.

It was very conversational ...... faced some issues with the audio over the Skype interview ... but overall it was very friendly. I was feeling good at the end of the interview.

Now it's a wait and watch game for me !

hi i have also applied to carlson and submitted my application on 19th Nov

i have the same questions as rahulg83.

@ambar_ibm can you share your profile. also, how long, after submitting the application, did u get the interview call?


@ambar_ibm : I know this is rather a stupid question, but anyways I am asking. I have submitted my application for Carlson and has got an interview invite asking me schedule the interview. I have given them two dates for skype interview and have not heard from them yet. So do they inform when would they conduct the interview or should I be prepared for both dates? This is my first interview and I am clueless.

@NeetuK : After you've sent two options, they would confirm, usually within a day or two. If you haven't received any confirmation, I suggest that you mail them back to confirm the date.


Hi Neetu,

I had mentioned only slot on which a second year student replied back with confirmation.
I am sure you will get a confirmation email.

Megadesk is right. Just drop them an email.

@megadesk and @ambar_ibm
Thanks guys! i have mailed them.

Are you a R1 applicant as well ? Seems you are done with the interview.
@ambar_ibm Yes, I'm a late entrant to the PG forum. I had applied on 1st Nov and had my interview (with Pete Woxland) last week.

I've added my 3 recommendors for Carlson and submitted my application. However, none of my referees have got an e-mail from Carlson.
Now, when I am trying to find a 'resend' option in the application, I am not able to do so. In fact, I am not able to edit any of the submitted details? (Unlike apply yourself portals, Carlson app runs in a different portal).
I've mailed Carlson adcom on Wednesday, but no reply... :(

Can anybody help me out please?

Also, can somebody answer my questions stated earlier in this post?

They have mentioned that they will contact your recommenders only if they need any clarification regarding your profile. So you need not worry about that.