Career Launcher Proctored Mock 6 2012 - Marks/Discussions/Strategies used/Areas of weaknesses : Note - Don't open the thread unless you have taken the exam

Hi All,Thread is for discussion on Proctored mock 6 of CL.Major ones are ::1.Your Marks in the Mock with individual performance in sections.2.Your strategies used in the mock – Were you satisfied with the strategy (Based upon strategy…

Hi All,

Thread is for discussion on Proctored mock 6 of CL.

Major ones are ::


Your Marks in the Mock with individual performance in sections.


Your strategies used in the mock -- Were you satisfied with the strategy (Based upon strategy - not marks)


Toughness level of the mocks

----Toughness levels of different sections.


Any new experience - Beneficial for further mocks.

All the best to all for further mocks.


Vivek Pandey

My Marks :

hmm got

12 and 40 in quant n VA respectively..
:( found both sections tough..
how about u guys ?

24 in quant 24 in verbal..first proc mock
too many questions wrong..i still have time, right?

oa 60
qa 38 14c 4 w
va 22 10c 8 w

rcs were nightmare,given they are my strong rc on imagination,memory, on architecture of thought, facoult views..last one aslo from philosophy...worst score of sec 2 till now..will be helpful if fellow puys share their experience in rcs..

OA 80

Section 1: 46(was an easy one)
Section 2:34(could have done better, i left 5 mins early coz i had to pee )
RCs were abstract , Couple of LR sets were trolling .. Section 1 was a smooth ride
Have no idea how i performed , can anyone make a forecast of percentile with this score


Good score i guess - Percentile might hover around 96 and 97.

@[558153:sagac] expect around 95%ile+

To help CAT aspirants make the most of these Mocks, CL's GP has started a blog on test taking strategies, CAT fundas, do's and don't's etc. It's worth a dekko.

i missed this proctored mock 6. couldn't take it in unproctored form as well as i was out of station. can someone please upload the questions and solutions pdf in their analysis page for proc mock 6 or mail them to me. kindly pm me if required for my mail id.

So after ages!! ... finally scored (if not good but not bad either) 41 in verbal ...
feeling a bit motivated ... usually i score average in quant and perform poorly in verbal .. but this time exactly opposite happened. I am not getting overconfident so i think verbal part was a bit easy ... right? I did 2 RCs and they were easy i guess... all answers were right :/ ... and i marked them after analizing only and not just in fluke. SO i guess verbal was easy ... performed poorly in quant 😞 ... poor judgement in selection of questions ...

VA 23A 16C 7W (its bad i know but comparing to my earlier performances like 19A and 11W 7C its better)
QA 8A 5C 3W :'( ( usually attempt around 13-14 and get 9-10 correct ... working on my quant ryt nw)

OA total score 53 (80%ile)

What do u puuz think ?? Verbal was easy ryt? and what are my chances given that 2.5 months are left for my slot for CAT ... my strong point is quant and weak is verbal ... 😞 please give some guide ..