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Hello puys! I have seen a lot of people asking queries on Event Management regarding scope, courses, specializations, job profiles etc. :: So we have decided to start a thread on the same, answering such queries and what one has to do in o…

Hello puys!

I have seen a lot of people asking queries on Event Management regarding scope, courses, specializations, job profiles etc.

So we have decided to start a thread on the same, answering such queries and what one has to do in order to have an exciting and a dynamic career in this Entertainment Industry.

I would also like to invite the Puys community to share their opinions as well.

The objectives of this thread are:

1. Discussion on Event Management as a Career

2. Learning about the different specializations that one can undertake in this field.

3. Helping the aspirants in understanding how different specializations in Event Management can help them do well in the world of Brand Management/Sales and Marketing/Product Launch/Campaign Planning/PR etc.

4. Lastly, we would like to have discussion with seniors of the community to know different perspectives and also we would like them to share their internship experiences with the other aspirants.

Hope we have good time learning about Event Management which has came out as an alternative job oriented course amongst the youths of this nation.


Hello Puys !!

Today I would like to share with you the different specialization that one can undertake in the exciting and dynamic field of event management.

1. Event Marketing
2. Wedding Planning
3. Event Operations
4. MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions )

Out of the below specializations which you feel is in most demand??

A good read for all the Event professionals.
INLEAD conducted an Industry Expert Session for its April and October 2012 EMPR batches on 14th December 2012. The session was conducted by Mr. Ajay Sharma, Vice President - Momentum - MacCan World Group. The topic of the session was Brand & Advertising and helped students to identify with the lifestyle of a communication professional and the qualities/skill set required for a successful career in this strong and competitive Communication Industry.
Hello Puys,

Today I would like to share some info on Wedding Planning. Why it is one of the most important specialization in the field of Event Management and What are the major Key Responsibility Area's of a Wedding Planner.

No bride and groom would like to compromise on the arrangements of wedding during special day of their life. They want people to participate in their happiness and give blessings rather than cursing about arrangements.

A Wedding Planner can assist in selecting wedding theme, making food arrangements, looking after bride and groom outfit, etc. Following are some of the wedding arrangements which becomes important part of wedding planning:

Pre Wedding Arrangements :

• Wedding location
• Wedding shoes
• Wedding budget
• Makeup and hair style
• Booking caterer
• Allotment of work
• Taking follow up
• Food testing
• Examining wedding decoration and sound system

Post Wedding Arrangement :

• Arranging grand reception
• Final send-off of bride

As one can figure out that organizing a wedding is no easy task and there are crisis that surrounds a big Fat Indian Wedding. In such situations the expertise of a Event Manager/ Wedding Planner comes in handy as they are often been called as Crisis Managers.

Feel free to interact with us about more on Event Management Course and various other specializations that it offers.


Hello Puys,

Today i would like to give you some info on different Types Of Event :

Due to the increased scope of Event-management, all departments are in need of Event Management. Based on the departments Events are divided into various types.

Entertainment-events:Movie promotions, Celebrity shows, Audio functions, Movie releases, Movie and Television award functions, Fashion Shows and Beauty Contests etc comes under the department of Entertainment-events.

Marketing-events:Various companies release their manufactured products under this department. And campaigns, road-shows and shopping festivals come under this department.

Corporate-events:This is the crucial role player department in Corporate Sector. Seminars, Meetings, Conferences, Award functions and Training programs come under this department.

Exhibition-events:Various products exhibitions, Import and Export Exhibitions, Electronic-Fair and various other items fairs comes under this department.

Job-Fair:Campaigning of Employment opportunities and Companies that are offering such employment opportunities come under this field. Job-Fair and Finance and Banking fairs also come under this department.

Social-events:Every-day's events that appears in the society comes under this department. Birthday celebrations, Marriage Functions, Get-together Functions and Fund raising programs come sunder this department.

Educational-events:This department is related to educational based programs. Education Fairs, Yearly Meetings, Fresher Days, Farewell parties, Holiday functions Excursions and Sport programs comes under this department.

As one can see that there are lot of different verticals in the event industry in which an individual can kick start his/her career.

For a detailed info on such a course feel free to contact us on toll free no. 1800-103-4200.
Hello Puys,

A great info - graphic on how to reach your goals. Do share with your friends and peers !!

Industry Visit - International Bus & Utility Vehicle Show 2013

INLEAD conducted an Industry visit for EMPR July 2012 & EM Jan 2013 Batch to India Expo Centre & Mart, Greater Noida. The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) organized the third International Bus & Utility Vehicles Show between 15th and 18th of February.

It was an in-depth learning about organizing an exhibition. The students had had an opportunity to witness diverse types of production platforms; new technology based lighting, audio & sound systems. It also helped them to learn crowd management, parking & security arrangements for corporate events. It was a platform where in students got an overview of visual merchandising, kiosks, displays through hoardings, and sponsorship activities for an event. It also showcased various ideas about peculiar flooring for displays in automobile industry. Students had a clear sighted observation from registration counters to exit check systems. Overall, it was an over-whelming experience of corporate event & exhibition for the students which inherited them with knowledge of 3D environments, stand designs, creativity, innovation, fabrication, carpeting, hanger designing, branding, lights, signage, floor plan designing, exhibition badges etc.
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A great thought for the young graduates who have started working !!

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