can we do something for the Tsunami/Earthquake victims?

Hi Friends, It wd b of help 2 ppl suffering In Tamil Nadu n other parts of the country if we can do something for them whtevr it b… plz pour in suggestions so tht we can transform thm in2 action.I knw whtevr we wd b able 2 do wd b less bt stil…

Hi Friends,
It wd b of help 2 ppl suffering In Tamil Nadu n other parts of the country if we can do something for them whtevr it b... plz pour in suggestions so tht we can transform thm in2 action.I knw whtevr we wd b able 2 do wd b less bt still we shd whtevr thts possible im in new delhi...

Hey ppl!
We r so far away frm there physically, monetary help will be of no use. Really we cannot do anything. I feel depressed.

As India and the world wake up to the mayhem caused due to the tidal waves, am grateful to God that i am alive to write this mail considering that i live only 6 kilometers from the beach.

streets are still flooded in some areas.

chennai beach has been completely destroyed. area upto two kilometers in radius has been cordoned off for the general public.

We got to know of the gravity of the situation only late afternoon.

2700 dead so far.
several missing.
the scene is really tragic.

the least all of us could do is to please pray for the departed souls which consisted of several innocent children who were out to celebrate a Sunday morning but never returned to their homes.

mournfully yours,

Ashutosh Dikshit
Chennai, India

Me too in chennai..saw all these people loose their homes,children etc..there is a air of gloom in the city.It seems the town of nagapattinam is being washed away the most.
It is a belief tht though chennai is a zone prone to the storms occuring in andhra coast and north of TN..they never cause a havoc in chennai due to kabaleeshwarar temple...may be the same god has seen too much unjustice happening here and everywhere else...I think i better stop talking like this...can we organise PGiites to come start a relief sort of thing to help these people..

Is there anything at all we can do other than monetary help ?? My mind is a blank today - cant seem to think properly

We can ask the admin of pagalguy 2 open up an acc wherein we all can contribute money,clothes etc which wd go collectively fm pagalguy...
pray 4 the departed souls may god give them peace

yeah dats a pretty decent accnt...we cud all contribute etc..only if there was an accnt or something...

do something pagalguy abt sure there wud lot of member who wud be willing to contribute...not that its gonna make a huge diffrence but still...

god be with them

we all want to do something..

it seems that more than money, the urgent need is for food and clothes.
while we cant do much about food, there is plenty we can do about getting clothes to the affected areas. is there some place/agency we can send in donations?

if someone can locate any such agency, then we could send in our donations. maybe pgs in various cities could organise some kind of pick up points. i dont know, that's all i can think of at the moment.

Hello Folks,

Rather than monetary help, let us try to help in anyway we can. I guess people from around the affected areas can help us understand the situation better and probably get in touch with any NGO there to see how we can proceed ahead ? Donating clothing and other items does sound like a good idea.

Keep the discussion on and hopefully the Chennai junta will start working on it at the ground level and all of us can pitch in with whatever we can.

Everyone in Chennai are devastated about this ... More than Chennai , the neighbouring small cities like Cuddalore, Nagapattinam etc have seen much more damage... The whole city is on tenter hooks and rumours of all sorts -- like EQuake's and more tidal waves aren't making the situation any better !!!!!

-- Karthik :argue:

It really really hurts to know that our people are dying....... I'm donating some of my clothes....please inform me when and where to drop it....

me also from chennai!! somethings been bugging me for sometime now.i just have to contribute to the effort somehow.what we need here are ideas. something to really make a difference!!! suggestions guys!!!

Incase anybody of you wants to make a monetary contri ... Here goes the links :


Just saw the NDTV report it was moving,realised tht money willnt do evrythin we need 2 do sumthin else,4 ppl in new delhi we cd go 2 Red cross office at parliament street n offer whtevr we can do 4 the ppl its really sad 2 c wht ppl r goin thru... i wd b goin there in a day or 2
pray 4 the dead n pray 4 those left behind tht god gives thm strength to fight this disaster...

hey this in the mail..for blore ppl

Dear friends,
> The Tsunami news has been a shock to all of us. A
> small group of volunteers will leave for Cuddalore
> in
> Tamilnadu to reach some relief material to the
> affected people personally on Wednesday, 29th
> December
> 2004.
> I appeal to all of you to donate blankets, old
> clothes, aluminum or stainless steel vessels and
> kerosene stoves by tomorrow, 28th December. You can
> also extend this drive by sending this message to
> friends or officials in other companies in Bangalore
> and making your own collections in your
> neighborhood.
> The time is short but this can be your effort to
> reach
> out. If your friends or contacts can arrange for a
> large collection of more than 10 carton boxes,
> please
> call any of these numbers for information so we can
> arrange for the donations to be collected at their
> venue though it would be a blessing if you can
> arrange
> for the material to reach the address given below.
> Contact persons:
> Venki - 98867 36109 [email protected]
> Raja - 98863 92521 [email protected]
> Gokul - 98862 18112
> [email protected]
> Senthil - 98454 12042
> [email protected]
> Amith - 98866 36539
> [email protected]
> Address to reach donations:
> Prakruti Mudrana
> No. 51, 9th Main, 29th Cross,
> Banashankari 2nd Stage, Near GK Kalyanamantap
> Landmark - Monotype
> Bangalore.
> Contact Person - Sashi Kumar/ Uvaraj
> Phone: 26713894/ 93412 12691 / 94483 71389
> Please do not make appeals for cash collections.
> Only
> donations in kind will be accepted. We will not be
> responsible for any cash collections made.
> This is my earnest request to all of you to support
> us
> in this effort and be a part of the spirit of this
> season of giving. What is required is much larger
> but
> if we can each bring warmth to one family, we have
> done something.
> Thank you in advance for your generosity.
> Regards
> Uvaraj .M
> Prema Lawrence

got this too in the mail :

Dear All,
>If anyone is interested to do rescue work for affected persons (tsunami) in
>Besant Nagar please contact Shihan Hussaini 98411618386. U cud help with old
>clothes,water bottles, blankets, food packets. Even if u cant hepl plz pass
>on this message to the people whom u know
>If anyone is interested to do rescue work for affected persons (tsunami) in
>neelankarai please contact Priya 25506284. Even if you are not able to,
>please pass on the message to your friends...
>To know details of your loved ones in Nagapattinam and for People willing
>to do rescue work there please contact the following numbers.
>04635 242 999
>04635 248 777

..U can contact Priya on 044- 25506284 /
>9884075738 anytime .The address is :
>The Children Welfare Foundation
>No 4 & 5
>1st Main Road
>VV Nagar
>Off Tiruvalluvar Nagar
>Chennai -99

The phone no's provided in the previous msg are not reachable due to excess traffic. However, there are other options for people who are far away from TN:

1. You can contribute to TOI relief fund. Donations are eligible for tax rebate u/s 80G (50% TAX rebate). Check

2. Send donations to "Theosophical Society" (an NGO established by Dr Annie Besant- visit You can drop a cheque/DD favouring "Theosophical order of service, Chennai" at the dropbox in the Theosophical soceity office, oppsite to Malar hospitals, Chennai. U can leave ur old clothes for the Tsunami hit people there OR u may speak to Lietunant Venkataraman at 9840210716 - he is responsible of these activities.
(This info is aired by radio mirchi, chennai)

3. You can contribute to PM relief fund (as already posted by someone)


For people living in the US of A.

From: [email protected]
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2004 09:45:27 +0000
Subject: Your One for Tsunami Survivors

AID Appeal for Tidal-Wave Disaster Relief Date: 27 Dec 2004

Usually, mother nature provides comfortable nurturing. However, from
time to time the elements seem to lose control and disaster follows often
unexpected and of unimaginable magnitude. As you probably already know,
starting with the worst affected state, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh,
Orisaa, Kerala have all been hit severly by a tidal wave, the so called

Although the full magnitude of the disaster is still being assessed,
unquestionably housands of some of the poorest of our fellow Indians have
been rendered helpless. AID volunteers in India are involved in providing
immediate succour. We in the Diaspora here should do everything that we can
to help out. We seek financial help from you for this cause. Let us all
come together to show our loved ones that, no matter where we are, we care
deeply for their welfare.

Please help and help generously.

Contributions to AID can be made through secure on-line credit-card
from AID's website:
where further details and updates will also be made available. Please
indicate that your contribution is for the "Relief and Rehabilitation
Fund". Contributions can also be sent by check made payable to "AID"
mailed to:

P.O. Box F
College Park, MD-20741, USA.

(Please indicate "Relief and Rehabilitation Fund" in the check memo)

AID is working with our partners to support various relief proposals
prompt approvals up to the $7,500 AID has already committed. AID estimates
amount already committed will only cover a fraction of the relief effort.
Therefore, AID is appealing to all members of the community, including its
volunteers, and many supporters to contribute generously toward this

For additional information call: 1-888-TALK-2-AID or (301) 422-4441
or email: [email protected]

AID Volunteers.

Web: Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-888-TALK-2-AID

--- END