Can I crack the GATE exam in 6 months?

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is one of the challenging all India Entrance Exam conducted by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore and seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) once a year which predominately tests the conceptual knowledge of undergraduate subjects in Engineering and Science. There are several opportunities with a good score after GATE 2022 as a candidate can persist in his career for M.Tech in IISC, IITs, NITs, or can relish the opportunities in PSUs. It is recommended that students begin preparing early, especially in their pre-final year of study so that they have enough time to cover the entire GATE syllabus.

Is it really challenging to crack the GATE exam on the first attempt? Most of us say yes to this answer as it seems due to a large number of aspirants (around 10 to 12 lakhs) appearing for GATE making the competition tougher and a good level of conceptual questions which test all knowledge out of a candidate. Students who have a strong foundation in all of the GATE subjects can clear the exam in 6 months with a high score.

Honestly speaking this is just a myth of our mind which is set up by social misconceptions among students. This article will focus on guiding you to strategize your preparation at each stage and easily diminish the phobia to crack the GATE exam in less than six months.

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Six Months Study Plan for GATE 2022

As it is already discussed with stringent strategy and preparation of six months, a candidate can crack the GATE exam in the first attempt with a good score. This evolution process is summarized journey of several stages which are discussed as:

  • Based on an examination of previous year’s papers, the candidate must cover those subjects that have the highest weightage in the early stages of preparation. It is critical to have weekly time management of chapters when targeting each subject, completing each chapter/topic of a subject according to its set targeted week.
  • Following completion of that chapter, candidates can practice previous year’s papers based on that topic in order to better understand the difficulty and pattern of questions asked on that topic. If the candidate continues in this direction, he or she should be able to complete all of the subjects with the highest weightage within two to three months.
  • It is important to gain conceptual knowledge out of a topic as questions asked in GATE are tricky and related to concepts. Candidates can refer to standard books to find shortcuts and tricks or can refer to GATE Notes, video lectures, and other sources which apparently would save time and put you forward in competition with others.
  • Spanning the entire preparation with the good habit of making notes will help the candidate to quickly revise for GATE in the last months prior to the exam. In such a way candidate should cover up the whole GATE syllabus in four months if possible otherwise candidate can stick to some important subjects and should cover all topics of such subjects deeply.
  • It is very important to revise subjects you have prepared for GATE at least two months prior to the GATE exam. At this stage of preparation, all the notes you have created will help you quickly and easily revise the subjects properly. Practice more objective questions while revising subjects which will boost your confidence in attending the event’s trickiest question out of a subject.
  • Briefing strategy to last one month prior to the GATE exam, this is the right time when a candidate should opt for a GATE Mock Test. As there are some new factors included in GATEs like a virtual calculator and Numerical problems, candidates will come to know about these in attending mock test series and get familiar with the online GATE Exam pattern.
  • Analyze yourself through each attempt of the test and focus on strengthening week topics or points that you feel need to improve. Pay Emphasis on Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude section as it covers 30% of total weightage and will inch up your score for a good rank.
  • Acquiring such a strategy will mobilize your thoughts of cracking GATE in the first attempt with a good score and boost your confidence for the GATE exam. The above-detailed strategy is provided in tabular form for better visualization.

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