Calling for SMU COX 2008

Hi Guys! I have an admit offer from Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. Will get to know about the schol in a couple of days. So all admitted and interested students please use this thread to learn more about the school an…

Hi Guys!
I have an admit offer from Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. Will get to know about the schol in a couple of days.
So all admitted and interested students please use this thread to learn more about the school and about each other.

Hi, I wrote my GMAT yesterday and got a score of 610 :(. I know i'm just shooting in the dark but still i'm applying to SMU. I have about 4 years exp with a little bit of managerial exp. You think i stand a chance ??

brave-heart, i am applying to COX for R2, Jan 15 Deadline. Can you please share your profile with me?
I have a score of 680 and 3 yrs exp in IT

thanks again.

Hi Arvindsab,
I was actually interviewed on 27th Nov in New Delhi and then submitted my application in the 1st week of December. And got an admit offer on 21st December so I guess the Adcom works quite fast.
My profile:
GMAT - 700 (AWA-4.5)
TOEFL ibt - 108
Acads - V. Good
WE - Marine Engineer with 5 yrs work experiences on Cargo and Cruise vessels ( I think it added little diversity in my profile)
Extra curriculars- good
I think you stand a good chance with good schol...I think interviews play a major role so present your case well and polished.

Hi frensandy!
Dont get disheartened by your score man..after all GMAT is only one of the criteria and can be taken care with other determinants! One of my friend passed out from cox last year and he had a similar score as he works as an investment banker in bear stearns, NY.

hi every1!

Have applied to cox in R1 too. havnt heard anything from them as yet. Looks like my chances of getting in are pretty dim. waiting for a revert.
Congrats braveheart...r u plannin to attend cox...ur profiles pretty good u cld get into better places.

Hi Swatzs!
As of now I am thinking of joining Cox because dont have any other admit offers till now. Got waitlisted in Boston University and result awaited for krannert and olin!!

Hi Brave heart!

Congratulations on your admit.. thats extremely quick and nice..
I am applying for R2....
Infact i met Patti when she had come down for the world MBA tour in Bangalore and so i decided to apply.

Did you hear about schols? what are the chances of getting schol here?
You said your friend graduated from there, how are the placement opportunities and the ROI incase you have to talk a loan to study?


Hey does any1 have any idea about the cox results for R1? A frd told me that the decisions for R1 have been released as confirmed by Patti. i.e. they have sent out the letters for waitlist and rejects as well. However when I mailed them recently they said that my application is still in reveiew. Any idea on wat is happening there. Braveheart any idea?

Hi Priya,
Yesterday I received the decision letter by postal mail and came to know that they have given me 56K Scholarship amounting to around 70% fee waiver. I think that's pretty good amount and I'm not gonna leave it!

According to the information received from my friend, Cox gives good scholarships to deserving candidates. The website itself declares that the average scholarship amount is 60% fee waiver and that 75% students get some merit based Scholarship.

Placements are quite good in Cox and again it all depends on your networking potentials. And considering the fact that you will get good scholarships and so you wont be carrying loads of financial baggage the ROI is bound to be good. In fact my friend was able to pay back his loans from the signing bonus only after passing out. You can check My friend Saket's profile at SMU - Cox : Saket Kumar (MBA 07) - International Student Leverages Cox Network to Change Career Path
I will also take a loan of around 7 lacs to cover my expenses at Cox. it would be better if more indians join there so that we can help each other in all ways.
Can you tell us about your profile here?

It would be better if you call patti and ask her about your application status. I believe she is very cooperative and friendly and will definitely help you.

Hi syed.....congrats!
Any other news on admissions from cox?

I had mailed them on the 5/1/08 and was tols that my application is in the review process. Should I call agin so soon? In a chat yesterday she said one shld wait for 8-10 weeks b4 contacting the school regarding their decisions. i had got a application complete mail on 30/10/08 from them.

swatzs in that case its better to wait for some time and let them contact you....i think after 15 jan u can give her a call.

Congrats Syed!
I thnk thats a great opportunity...

My profile:
Engineer - IT industry
GMAT - 640
WE - 3 yrs by the time i Join
EX- I also volunteer for a couple of non profit organisations and am a freelance writer for a magazine.

I would be applying for the Jan 15 deadline, and considering the opportunities mentioned i thnk its a great place to go once you get sme assistantship.

All the Best!


Hi Priya,
I talked to patti regarding an assistantship and she said that she will put my name in the list of interested candidates for GA Positions but the decision will come in spring after I reserve a place.
Lets see how things shape up by that time...
All the best for your application process

Hi Puys,

Please provide your inputs regarding how one goes about drafting the Covering letter.



I have also been admitted into SMU Cox. I am from Hyderabad. Am waiting for results from couple of other schools but I am seriously thinking abt SMU Cox. Syed made a right point. Lets keep in touch so that we can help each other.

Hey Deepshanky,
Congrats! Did you receive information about your scholarship? Tell us about your profile.